Sunday, October 4, 2009



PRAbhaashaka SAADHAnaa Mandalam

Each District / Division will have its Chapters
All Kerala / India will have its Chapters

The Idea is to have the unification / learning and teaching exercises to create expertise in the spreading of the BHARATHEEYA / Indian Concepts / Philosophy / Knowledge etc.

Membership fee is Rs.1000/= and from Second Year onwards Rs.100/= each year
Life time membership of Rs.2000/=
(Life time members will be able to get the privileges such as printing their name / bio-data on the manual that will be printed / concessional rate on the literature etc.)

Every year on the ‘PRADHAMA’ day of the AASWINAM (mostly kanni starting – MID September)

FIRST STUDY CLASS FULL DAY from 9 am to 6 pm on 1st November 2009 at Kannur

Participants from many Districts are expected on this Function on the Kerala Formation Day.

National Chair
Dr T P Sasikumar
9502038875 (Hyderabad)
9447437948 (Kerala)

A few more activities in plan

plans to have
will have PRASAADAM activity with all the SPIRITUAL / Religious Speakers
ART / Cultural / Literacy / AYURVEDA learning and teaching
demonstrative / research centre

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Janaki Narayanan And All Naduvil Associated Members who wish to be part of the project of creating a forum to social / cultural / healthy / knwledgable / creative / innovative activity around this part of the land..

The activty may spread acorss and beyond the native with the support of people across the glob..

try to register your solidarity and support.

on email