Sunday, October 4, 2009



PRAbhaashaka SAADHAnaa Mandalam

Each District / Division will have its Chapters
All Kerala / India will have its Chapters

The Idea is to have the unification / learning and teaching exercises to create expertise in the spreading of the BHARATHEEYA / Indian Concepts / Philosophy / Knowledge etc.

Membership fee is Rs.1000/= and from Second Year onwards Rs.100/= each year
Life time membership of Rs.2000/=
(Life time members will be able to get the privileges such as printing their name / bio-data on the manual that will be printed / concessional rate on the literature etc.)

Every year on the ‘PRADHAMA’ day of the AASWINAM (mostly kanni starting – MID September)

FIRST STUDY CLASS FULL DAY from 9 am to 6 pm on 1st November 2009 at Kannur

Participants from many Districts are expected on this Function on the Kerala Formation Day.

National Chair
Dr T P Sasikumar
9502038875 (Hyderabad)
9447437948 (Kerala)

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