jnanam need to be formulated into a trust with all the possible members ..

the trust should have all the family members

1. Prof. T P Sreedharan, Prof. K P Janaki, Smitha, Rashmi
2. Smt. T P Mani, Mini, Dimu, Bipin
3. Sri. T P Balakrishnan, Smt. K C Vanaja, Anu, Aswathy
4. Smt. T P Nalini, Sri. K Kunhikannan, Suresh babu, dr.sajith, suni, sudhi
5. Sri. T P N. Kutty, Smt K A Radhika, Thulasi, Pooja
6. Smt. T P Indira, Sri. P Sasidharan, sisini, sreeesh
7. Dr T P Sasikumar, Dr.P V Radhadevi, hari, yadu

love to see this and the next generation under this trust ..
contributing to the roots..
well conected to the stems..
and looking each other at others' leaves..