Thursday, May 29, 2014

PRANATHI-Shares 140424-26 :: JNAANAM - @ Hyderabad TEAM

Yesterday · Edited · 

The divine camphor smell that spreads all over the house, serene early morning sunrise.The bee sounds,early morning mists.Refreshing lemon tea,appetising authentic Kerala cuisines like puttu,Malabar rice,chana masala.Caring, loving and warm people of Naduvil who treated us like their own daughters.Beautiful western ghats,heavy rains.Our 'CAR DANCE'.Colourful,beautiful houses of Kannur that reflect the style of Kerala architecture.Too colourful public transport buses.Kerala temples.Breath taking 'THEYYAM' and most importantly our GURU Sasikumar Drtps and all the TIME we spent with him.Our trip to Kannur might be just for 3days but the people of Naduvil and all the experiences we had in that heavenly place will always have a permanent space in our hearts.I truly thank my Guru from bottom of my heart for everything he has done for us.We Pranathi Kavuru Durga Anusha Vinay Vicky Sukanya Chandrashekarenpromise you Sir that we'l make you proud of us one day.  .

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