Monday, June 1, 2015

AbuDhabi Group - Apiril-May 2015

[17/04 22:02] JN. F. madhav. yadav. AUH. shypa. umesh. kannur: Thanku sir for forming this group.. hope abudhabi will have more opertunity now to meet and interact with you
[17/04 22:07] AuH. sunil. w. smitha. ijkd. son. 10: Thank you sir
[17/04 22:10] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: I don't know how to thank you dear sir..
[17/04 22:48] AuH. KCS. madhu. 150417: Thanks
[17/04 23:47] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Sir thankyou for spending the whole day with us... It was very inspiring
[17/04 23:47] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Session
[18/04 00:10] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: Feeling blessed and most happiest day with you...
Thanks a lot sir
[18/04 00:46] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Every one who attended the programme were very happy and thankful to you Sir.
[18/04 00:47] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: Sorry forgot to take the names of reshmi and muralijis  thanks a lot for ur effort
[18/04 00:49] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Dhanya all of us worked together as a team including u so no need for any thanks...😃😃
[18/04 00:50] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Thanks to you too Reshmi.. And looking forward to hear sir in the nearest future.. Just one day and it was a real boost to our confidence level with regards to our child's future..
Hats off to TP Sasi sir.
[18/04 00:51] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: 👍👍
[18/04 00:53] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: 😊 ur efforts made this beautiful day happend
[18/04 00:53] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Muraliji many thanks to you too.. Will keep in touch.
[18/04 00:54] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Let's together work for the betterment of all children...
[18/04 00:57] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: 👍
[18/04 00:57] JN-AUH. murali. session. april: Dear Sir and friends
If we work together, Abu Dhabi beneficiaries can make wonders for our kids and ours.
Thank u all, especially those who participated and support the event. No words for our regards to two of them one and only our sir and office bearers of KSC and SAKTHI Abu Dhabi.
[18/04 00:58] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Sure.. I'm in. Our ultimate aim is our kids successful future..
Any thing for that cause..
[18/04 01:22] Had a great day with loved ones from thiruvananthapuram to kasargod....
Had two general functions and a full day session ...
Just in at home at Karama
[18/04 01:23] No words of appreciation and i have means of reflection just will be with you on love and prayers ...
[18/04 01:38] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Good night sir..
Good night all..
[18/04 01:46] JN-AUH. murali. session. april: Thank u Sir
[18/04 09:22] JNM. AUH. SREEKUMAR. kochi. sreelakshmi. 9: Suprabhaatham to all the friends
[18/04 09:24] JNM. AUH. SREEKUMAR. kochi. sreelakshmi. 9: And good morning Sir
[18/04 09:25] Welcome Bindu
[18/04 09:27] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: സുപ്രഭാതം..
Sir & all dears..
[18/04 09:27] AuH. shilpa. 12. electronics. Mba: Thank you Sir for spending time with us yesterday...we are really lucky to have had a person like you come and interact with us for a whole day! I already feel geared up, confident and happy. .Thanks a lot!
[18/04 09:28] Jn. AUH. Bindu. Innu: Thank u sir
[18/04 09:30] Jn. AUH. Bindu. Innu: thank dear all for giving us a chance to meet sir yesterday in AUH,  special thanks to Resmi
[18/04 09:49] Hp anusha. durga: Thank u for adding Chachu.. 🙏🏻🙏🏻
[18/04 09:50] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Thanks for adding🙏😊
[18/04 10:44] JNC. AuH. sreyas. 10th: Thank you so much sir...
[18/04 13:20] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Where is this sir..
UAE or Kerala ?
[18/04 13:22] Hp anusha. durga: UAE
[18/04 13:24] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: As usual a houseful hall..
Congrats sir 😃👍
[18/04 13:37] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Now, the hall is full.. After guru ji's class,  their manas will be full of eagerness to know everything. .. That's the magic of guru ji 😊🙏
[18/04 13:43] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: We were there at ksc a few more time after sir left
We happened to hear positive feed backs from every corner
This was a new experience for abudhabi .....
So many happy  relaxed faces of parents  nd children's can see
Good sir so many benefitted from u😊
[18/04 14:02] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: 😊👍
[18/04 14:03] JNC. AuH. sreyas. 10th: 👍👍
[18/04 18:37] JN. Cmp. AUH. OC. Kochumol. george. nurse. 4kids. susan. sara: We will meet u in st.George Orthodox Church on 24th Friday
[18/04 19:14] Today's session in orthodox church
[18/04 19:30] JN. Cmp. AUH. OC. Kochumol. george. nurse. 4kids. susan. sara: Orthodox Church is in Abu Dhabi
[18/04 19:30] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Is the 24ths session preponed !!
[18/04 19:31] JN. Cmp. AUH. OC. Kochumol. george. nurse. 4kids. susan. sara: I did not understand
[18/04 19:31] JN. Cmp. AUH. OC. Kochumol. george. nurse. 4kids. susan. sara: No we got notice from our church
[18/04 19:36] Great Chachu... Happy to see that so many students are going to be benefitted by u... 🙏🏻🙏🏻
[18/04 19:43] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Awesome guru ji 👏
[18/04 19:47] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: One more day of pure dedication..
🙏 sirji..
[18/04 20:18] Hp anusha. durga: Great Chachu
[18/04 21:39] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: 👏👏
[18/04 22:36] AuH. chinta. 10. kollam: Thanks a lot sirji to add me
[19/04 00:02] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: 👏👏
[19/04 00:22] Hp anusha. durga: Dear Sir,

Thanks to see you in my life time, Thanks who invited to our church , Through today's class only I got to know about u and your journey of life in a little way.

My son Alan got registered to attend the class and I also attended the class along with him.

He is also happy about the vision and confidence you guided through the class. He is in 8th grade now, studying in Marian School , Kalathilpady, Kottayam. He came to Dubai for his vacation and got a chance to attend the class, Hope he remember all those instruction in his life.

Thank you. God Bless

Mathew Abraham
[19/04 00:43] Hp anusha. durga: Got an opportunity to attend todays session at our church .......many children got inspired always it was very valuable. ...only our Sir can do it ....thank you very much Sir. ..

-- Susan Roy
[19/04 01:43] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Good evening Sir my name is Sindhu and I met you in today's session held at St Thomas church. I would like to say a big  thank you to you for a wonderful day by giving me and my children good values and rules to follow in life.

Today myself and my son attend your class at Dubai St. Thomas Cathedral .It is was so energetic and inspiration to us .I  have send your details to my elder son Rony Varghese who is studying at karunnya engineering college.

Sir thanks for coming down. We got excellent feedback from the participants. Thanks once again... Peter
[19/04 08:34] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: "When our phone hangs or works slow,
we delete all the unwanted pics, files & data..
In the Same way when our life hangs or slows down,
Let us delete unwanted memories & get some Extra Space to Enjoy it fully.

GooD MorNing...🍃🌹
[19/04 08:35] Jn. AUH. Bindu. Innu: Good morning all🙏
[19/04 08:35] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Happy to know sir has inspired many parents and students yest and hope all will follow the instructions and lead a better Life...
[19/04 08:45] JN-AUH. murali. session. april: Good morning to Sir and friends
[19/04 08:50] Yesrday session was good. Had good number of 10th to 12th class students. Good hall. The father if the church was known to me since 2008 in Delhi.  Had given a teachers training session in a school in gaziabad run by this father. World is very small. Glad Dubai is accepting me and i have a good number of people mind who had contributed in making all these happen.
[19/04 08:53] Greetings
    from Dubai till 24th eve
I am on 009710509538962
[19/04 08:55] Jn. AUH. Bindu. Innu: Greetings to you sir🙏
[19/04 09:44] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Good morning dear Sir & all..
[19/04 09:52] JNC. AuH. sreyas. 10th: Good morning sir and all..
[19/04 10:58] AuH. chinta. 10. kollam: Good morning sir and all . Have a nice day
[19/04 12:02] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Very happy to see that everyday u r inspiring some one...
[19/04 12:48] Jn. AUH. Bindu. Innu: Inspiring Many......
[19/04 14:42] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Sir, thanks again for giving us  lively and healthy sessions... Sir , you made our day. I can see tthe spark in my kids which you invested today in them. We wait for your next classes very soon.....
[19/04 19:30] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Namasakaram Sir,
Attended your seminar at Dubai.... It opened my eyes. My son could not attend the whole session as he had classes. I would like to send my son for ur camp at Kannur. How can I know the details of those camps. He is in grade 12. Thanks a lot and May God Bless you for being such a wonderful teacher
[19/04 19:32] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Dear friends all members who are interested in the camp please do send your email id so that we can send the details and form for camp registration.
[19/04 20:45] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Sir / Rashmi,
On 24th when is the session scheduled at St. George Orthodox Church.
[19/04 20:45] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Can you pls infrom me.
[19/04 20:53] 24th Friday  11.30 am at AuH orthodox Church
[19/04 21:05] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Thanks a lot sir.
[19/04 22:44] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Tomorrow's importance

126th b'day of Adolf Hitler
65th b'day of N Chandrababu Naidu
Un Chinese language day
[19/04 22:45] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: DrTPS tendative schedule

April 20 :: GMS, Quisis
April 20 :: Insight, Karama

April 21 :: AsiaNetRadio
April 21 :: Al Nadha

April 22 :: Aster Pharma Meeting
April 22 :: Ajman JNAANAM conversation

April 23 :: Sharjah expo centre PERIWINKLE
April 23 :: Eve . Thapas Vishu Meet

April 24 : AuH JNAANAM conversation +
Abudhabi :: orthodox church
 + Eve (Ajman Vishu Guest)

April  25 :: Irinjalakuda
April 26-28 : kannur. INSPIRE

Apr 29-May 2  :  Kottayam-Pallikkathod -- Destination IAS + Mission CSAT Camp

May 3 :: Kuttippuram IDEAL

JULY-AUGUST :::  NRI-GCC Students -- Summer CAMP (JNAANAM - Naduvil-Kannur-Kerala)
[19/04 22:49] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Thanks a lot Dhanya.
[19/04 23:19] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: 😊
[19/04 23:26] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: A Dubai selfie.. 😄👍
[19/04 23:37] Hp anusha. durga: 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
[19/04 23:56] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Good night All..
Have a tight sleep..
[20/04 00:05] AuH. sunil. w. smitha. ijkd. son. 10: Goodnight everybody
[20/04 01:17] JN. Cmp. AUH. OC. Kochumol. george. nurse. 4kids. susan. sara: Same to you all
By kochumol
[20/04 08:08] JN. DXB. leena. jayasankar: 🙏🌅
[20/04 08:13] AuH. chinta. 10. kollam: Good morning to Sirji & all friends
[20/04 08:24] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Very nice to see everyone blessed in the presence of Sir.... Good morning to all...
[20/04 09:18] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: Gud morning all ...
Nice to see u all happy
[20/04 09:25] AuH. santhosh. reshmy. JN: Good morning
[20/04 09:50] JN. DXB. leena. jayasankar: Two hours of group family discussion
[20/04 09:50] JN. DXB. leena. jayasankar: Blessed to have a nice family gathering
[20/04 09:51] Hp anusha. durga: 👏🏻👏🏻😊
[20/04 09:52] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: 😊😊🙏🙏
[20/04 10:22] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: 😀👌❤️❤️❤️
[20/04 12:44] Hp anusha. durga: @Gulf Model School
[20/04 12:47] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: 👏👏
[20/04 12:47] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Great...
Happy kids..
Happy Sir..
[20/04 12:55] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: 👍👍👍
[20/04 13:05] JN. DXB. leena. jayasankar: 👍
[20/04 13:38] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: 👍
[20/04 13:39] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: ☺️👌
[20/04 13:40] JN. DXB. leena. jayasankar: 🙏
[20/04 13:40] JN. DXB. leena. jayasankar: 🙏
[20/04 14:10] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: The full school is blessed...
[20/04 14:11] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Yeag Reshmy Mam ! Well said😊😊
[20/04 14:11] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Yeah
[20/04 14:17] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: 😀👍
[20/04 15:32] Hp anusha. durga: Gudaftrnun sir,
Im reshma frm 12th... from gulf model u hd a session with us... thnk u so much sir for removing the fear from myself .. and for such an inspiring speech..actually this is my parent's account.
[20/04 15:58] JN. DXB. leena. jayasankar: 🙏💐 great.
[20/04 16:01] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: 👏👏
[20/04 16:20] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: 👍👍👍👍
[20/04 16:21] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Hi sir,I was trained one session in JNTU PULIVENDULA.You are inspiration to us.currently working in Accenture                        
Sreeramana Mavilla
[20/04 21:31] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: @insight institute
[20/04 21:40] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: 😃👍
[20/04 22:15] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: WooW...
I will miss this ☺
[20/04 22:16] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: All the best wishes..
[20/04 22:30] 21st Tuesday 11am to 12 noon AsiaNetRadio LIVE Jeevitharekha with Ramesh Payyanur.
[20/04 22:32] AUH. aneesh. vaidyan. kollam: Hai sir
[20/04 22:32] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Eager to hear you sir...
Will tune in ... 😃👍
[20/04 22:33] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Sir Thank u for the information ...
[20/04 22:33] AUH. aneesh. vaidyan. kollam: We will meet 24th at Abu Dhabi Orthadox church.
[21/04 01:06] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: 👍
[21/04 01:07] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: 😃👍
[21/04 07:57] JN. DXB. leena. jayasankar: 🙏🌅
[21/04 08:04] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Good morning to all...
[21/04 08:20] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: In Sanskrit Akshaya means the one that never Diminishes.
May this day of Akshaya Tritiya bring you Good Luck & Success which never diminishes.
Gud Mrng Friends. Happy Akshaya Tritiya to U All.
[21/04 08:33] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: Gud morning all friends
[21/04 08:33] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: 👍
[21/04 08:46] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: Sri Ramana often said that God, Guru and the Self are identical; the Guru is God in human form and, simultaneously, he is also the Self in the Heart of each devotee. Because he is both inside and outside, his powers work in two different ways. The outer Guru gives instructions and by his power enables the devotee to keep his attention on the Self; the inner Guru pulls the devotee’s mind back to its source, absorbs it in the Self and finally destroys it.

It is a basic tenet of Sri Ramana’s teaching that a Guru is necessary for almost everyone who is striving towards a permanent awareness of the Self. The catalytic role of the Guru in spiritual development is therefore crucial; except in rare instances, ignorance of the Self is so deeply rooted that individual seekers are unable to escape from it by their own efforts.

Although Sri Ramana taught that a Guru is indispensable for those seeking Self-realisation, he also pointed out that the Guru has no power to bring about realisation in those who are not energetically seeking it. If the individual seeker makes a serious attempt to discover the Self, then the grace and power of the Guru will automatically start to flow. If no such attempt is made, the Guru is helpless.
[21/04 08:47] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: Thanks anusha
[21/04 08:56] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Watch "150406 AVM" on YouTube - 150406 AVM:
[21/04 10:46] Jn. AUH. Bindu. Innu: Thank u so much Reshma for sharing this video🙏
[21/04 10:50] Jn. AUH. Bindu. Innu: Resmi, is there any chance to get the students'/ parents' contact details (class-wise) CBSE curriculum, so that we could help them to start group study
[21/04 10:53] Jn. AUH. Bindu. Innu: In Abudhabi who attended Sir's class in KSC
[21/04 11:12] JN. DXB. leena. jayasankar: It is fine you coordinate as per  registered at ksc.
[21/04 11:26] Don't worry on syllabus. .
Make the students share and learn
Even across grades as the smaller will get higher knowledge and elder will re-learn and revise their learning of previous years
[21/04 12:01] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Yes bindu we can get the details by this Friday .
[21/04 12:12] Jn. AUH. Bindu. Innu: Thank u Resmi
[21/04 12:25] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Let's finalise on the same this Friday regarding study groups classwise.
[21/04 12:25] Jn. AUH. Bindu. Innu: Sure..
[21/04 14:41] Jn. AUH. Bindu. Innu: Thank u sir, we'll try that way
[21/04 16:00] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Very true Sir mixing the grades would be an advantage...
[21/04 16:35] JN. f. AUH. jayakrishnan. varma: Sir please add pratap 050 611 3676 to jnaanam
[21/04 16:38] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Thanks Dhanya for the write up... Thanks Reshma for sir's video...
[21/04 16:40] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Sir,
It's absolutely a brilliant idea to mix up classes so they get some additional knowledge than what they have in the sylabus..
Thanks again..
[21/04 17:01] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: 👍
[21/04 17:03] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: Gud idea sir
[21/04 17:33] AuH. prathap. co. varma: Thanks bindu
[21/04 17:37] Welcome prathap
[21/04 17:38] AuH. prathap. co. varma: Thank you sir
[21/04 19:31] Jeevitharekha Ramesh Payyanur
[21/04 19:34] JN. Cmp. AUH. OC. Kochumol. george. nurse. 4kids. susan. sara: Thank you
[21/04 19:39] AuH. prathap. co. varma: 👍
[21/04 19:42] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: 👏👏👏
[21/04 19:43] Hp anusha. durga: 👏🏻👏🏻
[21/04 20:08] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Supperbb...
[21/04 20:08] Dubai leena. jayasankar: A good radio interview
[21/04 20:12] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Who is this cute & smart news reader...
A big salute... 👏👏👏
[21/04 20:12] AuH. chinta. 10. kollam: Thanks a lot sir
[21/04 20:12] AuH. chinta. 10. kollam: DEAR sirji heard your very valuable advice in Asianet radio
[21/04 20:12] AuH. chinta. 10. kollam: Really helpful
[21/04 20:13] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: It's Sreelekshmi from Kannur..
[21/04 20:14] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: May the almighty bless her with more talent to achive great hights in life.. Our prayers...
[21/04 20:37] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Tomorrow is INTERNATIONAL MOTHER EARTH DAY

This day was established in 2009 and recognizes that earth and its ecosystems are our home so it's necessary to promote harmony with nature and earth. The term "mother" is used because this word reflects the interdependence that exist between human beings, other living species and the planet we all inhabit.
[21/04 20:38] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Well said.. 😃👍
[22/04 00:09] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Very good message...
Simple yet touching....
We all are the same yet for what we fight each other....
Almost 70 years...
And still it continues...
[22/04 00:54] Dubai leena. jayasankar: It was over the question of power and prestige
[22/04 01:15] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Between whom..!!
[22/04 06:31] Dubai leena. jayasankar: As history  says there were some who were adament to become leaders of their own region and split the mother india and make them separate country based on  religion.
[22/04 06:33] Dubai leena. jayasankar: This of course lead to the Creation of above topi based country
[22/04 06:34] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 🙏🌅
[22/04 07:23] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: I know who was the one leader on "topi based country" but who was on the other side??
[22/04 07:57] Dubai leena. jayasankar: Just see the Oscar winning film Gandhi the screen play of which more or less is  based on the Indian freedom struggle.
[22/04 08:09] AuH. chinta. 10. kollam: Good morning Sir & all friends
[22/04 08:27] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Good morning... 💐
[22/04 08:31] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 💐 hope the arrangement for Friday breakfast session is going on.
[22/04 09:48] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Watch "150406 07 AVM" on YouTube - 150406 07 AVM:
[22/04 10:01] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Good morning all
[22/04 10:03] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: The morning breakfast is confirmed and we would like to know members who are interested to be a part of this.
[22/04 10:25] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Bindu dhanya Santosh Mahesh murali Koshy have confirmed
[22/04 10:25] Jn. AUH. Bindu. Innu: Thank u Resmi, we would like to join
[22/04 10:49] Glad that 24th morning we are meeting over breakfast
[22/04 10:49] Love you all
[22/04 10:50] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 🙏 have a great day
[22/04 10:50] JN. Cmp. AUH. OC. Kochumol. george. nurse. 4kids. susan. sara: Where
[22/04 10:52] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Thanku sir
[22/04 10:52] Dubai leena. jayasankar: Please inform the location and coordinate
[22/04 10:53] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Sure by today evening we will inform all as the venue depends on the number of members.
[22/04 10:54] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: So request all who are interested to inform by today evening.
[22/04 10:55] Dubai leena. jayasankar: All please confirm by eve so that an appropriate venue is identified
[22/04 11:05] AuH. santhosh. reshmy. JN: We are condinatong with other members and we will get finales today evening.
[22/04 17:26] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: 👏👏👏
[22/04 18:20] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: 😃👍
So happy to see sir sharing his knowledge and valuable experience world wide..
[22/04 19:32] Hp anusha. durga: 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
[22/04 20:01] Sir i have a doubt in 9th physics portion
[22/04 20:01] Can u reply please
[22/04 20:01] Why is velocity a vector quantity? Its si unit is m per sec. And wen we wrote answers regarding velocity we never mentioned directions like east west north etc.
[22/04 20:01] Velocity has direction doesn't mean. . It is north east West South .. It means from one point to another
[22/04 20:01] Sun has velocity and it is not speed
[22/04 20:01] Thank you so much sir. That was really very helpful.... now i am able to put my physics portion together properly...
[22/04 21:49] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: 👏👏great
[22/04 23:27] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: She sung it so well...
May God bless her..
[22/04 23:32] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Highly talented molu.
[22/04 23:37] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: 😊👍 No doubt..
[22/04 23:39] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Venue for Friday 24th April family meet with sir (morning 9-10.30am-) flat 1204 KM Trading building , Electra street, Abu Dhabi.
[22/04 23:44] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: 😃👍
Thanks Reshmi once again..
[22/04 23:45] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Welcome Unni let's make the session informative and knowledgeable
[22/04 23:47] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Sure..
[23/04 08:04] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 🙏🌅
[23/04 08:16] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Today's importance

77th b'day of the Indian singer S Janaki.

English language day  

World book and copyright day
[23/04 08:21] AuH. chinta. 10. kollam: 👍
[23/04 08:38] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: Good morning friends
👍 reshmi
[23/04 09:04] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 🙏
[23/04 12:39] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: 👍👍👍
[23/04 15:14] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 🙏
[23/04 15:15] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Great
[23/04 15:20] AUH 150417. MaheshKumar: 👍👍
[23/04 15:22] AuH. chinta. 10. kollam: 👏👏👏
[23/04 16:29] AUH. 10. gopika. stage. fear: 👍👍
[23/04 17:26] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: 😃👍
[23/04 18:21] Dubai leena. jayasankar: All the best
[23/04 19:22] JN-AUH. murali. session. april: Sir Congrats and will meet you 2morrow.
[23/04 19:23] Dubai leena. jayasankar: Have a good day
[23/04 20:44] ‪+971 50 849 7499‬: Thank you bindu
[23/04 20:55] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma:
[23/04 21:07] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: 😃👍
How does sir deliver such fantastic advice to so many children in a go.. It's amazingly awesome..
[23/04 23:19] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Tomorrow's importance

In 2005 April 24 Snuppy became the first clonned dog.

4th death anniversary of the Indian guru, Sathya Sai Baba.

World day for laboratory animals
[23/04 23:32] AuH. shilpa. 12. electronics. Mba: 😊
[23/04 23:38] AuH. chinta. 10. kollam: 😊😀
[23/04 23:46] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Also tomorrow is
[24/04 08:15] AuH. chinta. 10. kollam: Good morning Sir & all my friends
[24/04 08:34] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Good morning All.. 👋😃
[24/04 08:36] Namasthe. . See you all..
[24/04 08:40] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Namasthae sirji..
[24/04 08:40] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Today is the birthday of Sachin Tendulkar
[24/04 08:53] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Good morning Sir and all friends
[24/04 08:54] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: We are eager to meet u sir today
[24/04 09:06] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Any one interested to meet sir are welcome to flat 1204 KM Trading building Electra street Abu Dhabi 9-10.30am today morning.
[24/04 09:10] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 🙏🌅
[24/04 09:10] Dubai leena. jayasankar: All the best
[24/04 09:11] Dubai leena. jayasankar: Have a nice time with Sir.
[24/04 09:11] Hp anusha. durga: Enjoy Chachu... Have a great time.. 😊
[24/04 09:12] Dubai leena. jayasankar: See you next time. Will miss today as have to be with daughter whole day at the meydan show
[24/04 09:12] Dubai leena. jayasankar: Maduram malayalam stage show
[24/04 09:13] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Have a great time👍😊
[24/04 09:34] Dubai leena. jayasankar: All the best Abudhabi team.
[24/04 09:36] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Thank u Jaishanker sir
[24/04 09:36] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Have a nice time there see u next time
[24/04 09:36] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: All the best for molu and the program
[24/04 09:36] Dubai leena. jayasankar: Continue the momentum created. Blessed
[24/04 09:43] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Today is the birthday of a man who changed cricket into a religion.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SACHIN TENDULKAR ! We Indians are proud pf you ! 🎁🎉🎊🎂🎂
[24/04 09:45] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: 👍👍
[24/04 10:30] AUH. 10. gopika. stage. fear: Happy birthday Sachin
[25/04 08:41] AuH. chinta. 10. kollam: Good morning Sir & all of my friends
[25/04 08:44] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Good morning Sir and all friends. We all had a nice time with sir yesterday morning..
[25/04 08:48] Yesterday morning was really good and had the best of recent breakfast. . It was breakfast - feast. . Great.. going abudhabi .
[25/04 08:49] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Well done Jnaanam Abudhabi members ! Go ahead👏👏👍👍
[25/04 08:49] Church session was okay
. But as usual students didn't participated well... hope for the best ..
[25/04 08:50] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Thank you Sir for the great appreciation....  we are all so thankful for your presence here.
[25/04 08:51] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Sir now you are back to Kerala after UAE trip.
[25/04 08:52] Vishu had the best audience at ajman thanks are due to neetha anil ..
[25/04 08:53] Greetings
    from Irinjalakuda
[25/04 08:53] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Next visit will surely involve more students in Abu Dhabi.
[25/04 08:53] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Sir happy to know that...
[25/04 08:56] If people like you in jnaanam group we can do wonders..
[25/04 08:56] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Great...Reshmy mam 👍👍👏👏😊😊
[25/04 08:57] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Thank u Sir😃😃😃
[25/04 08:57] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Reshma👍👍
[25/04 09:19] Jn. AUH. Bindu. Innu: Good morning Sir, Hope you had a nice journey back to Kerala.  We all in Abu Dhabi got blessed with your presence more than once, and special thanks to Resmi for that.
[25/04 10:07] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 💐🌅 congrats  to abudhabi team
[25/04 10:15] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Good Morning Sir & all group members..
[25/04 10:16] Welcome Manjusha.. you may introduce you here..
[25/04 10:17] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Welcome Manjusha mam💐💐
[25/04 10:17] AUH. manhusha. tvm. bank. d. 8th-grade: Hi thank you for adding me in your group and for the warm welcome
[25/04 10:18] AUH. manhusha. tvm. bank. d. 8th-grade: I am manjusha manoj from abudhabi with 2kids malavika and madhav of 12and 5 years.
[25/04 10:20] AUH. manhusha. tvm. bank. d. 8th-grade: I am currently working with NBAD and in abudhabi for the past 12 years. Thank you and please inform me about the sessions in abudhabi
[25/04 10:25] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: WoooW amazing...
A great place to be.. N get inspired.. Will be a life time experience for kids.. 😀👍
[25/04 10:26] May send the filled registration forms ..
May be you all can coordinate.. send to your contacts and give the choice..
[25/04 10:26] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: It's the real guru kulam ... With the best guru ..
[25/04 10:27] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Sure sir..
Well that's the best words to describe it Reshma..
[25/04 10:28] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Actually, words are not enough Unniraj sir !
[25/04 10:29] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: ☺️👍
[25/04 10:35] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Good evening Sasikumar Uncle. I am Karen, an graduate in vlsi, havin dun my in ECE, currently in qatar. Sadly I find no job opportunities here. Will you kindly direct me, as to what steps i should take. I am interested in engg field and in Managment side also ( HR, etc).  Also I thank you for letting know about Edx. It sure is an informative site. I would also like to know which course of value i should undertake being most useful to help me in getting a job in either of these fields. I am sorry for the trouble but would be highly grateful for your valuable suggestions.
Thank you.
[25/04 10:36] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Namaste sir. Yesterday we attended your class. It was fantastic. God bless
Mini Jose
[25/04 10:46] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: It's nice to see that many are being inspired by sir..,
[25/04 10:50] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Welcome Smitha and Manoj
[25/04 10:51] ‪+971 50 908 3047‬: Thank you Reshmi
[25/04 10:55] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Welcome💐💐
[25/04 11:10] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: A very good morning to all..
Hope sir had a happy journey back home...
Yesterday was so busy nd could not spend more time with guruji
Waiting for ur next visit sir
Had a very good time yesterday morning with my guruji...thanks a lot reshmi
And thanks for the super break kind of u reshmi
[25/04 11:11] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: 👏👏👏
[25/04 11:23] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: 😃😃😃
[25/04 12:24] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: 👏👏👏
[25/04 12:26] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: ശിക്ഷണവും ഭക്ഷണവും പ്രമാദം... 😄👍
[25/04 12:27] AUH 9. swathy: 👍
[25/04 12:28] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Thankful to all who was part of the session with sir.
[25/04 12:34] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: 🙏🙏
[25/04 13:04] JN. f. AUH. jayakrishnan. varma: Thank you very much Sir for visiting our abode and inspiring everyone and having breakfast with us. Thanks to all who came down and made the session very informative with different types of queries raised to Sir. Spl thanks to Bindu for coming down very early in the morning. 🙏🙏
[25/04 13:09] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: 👏👏Bindu for your support
[25/04 13:21] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Sir some forms for the camp we had given to Jaishanker sir should New forms be filled in and sent.
[25/04 13:34] I have them
[25/04 13:34] Listed and will update the names and details soon
[25/04 13:36] New members welcome to the group. May introduce and see the forms submitted
[25/04 13:36] Jn. b. sam. AuH. sgoc. shajan. wynad: Nandi..allathe enthu njan chollwndu...
[25/04 13:36] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 🙏 all forms received are till are updated with dr.tps
[25/04 13:38] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Welcome to all the members💐💐🙏🙏
[25/04 14:05] ‪+971 50 513 7737‬: Thanks. My name is Manoj. I am from Thrissur, working in Abu Dhabi in oil and gas field.
[25/04 14:07] ‪+971 50 908 3047‬: Thank you. My name is Smitha.
[25/04 14:18] AuH. sgoc. shanly. kuriakose: Many thanks,
I'm Shanly Kuriakose. I'm from Mumbai. I'm working in Abu dhabi as an HR Specialist in an Oil and gas industry.
[25/04 15:03] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: Sirs spark of teaching
[25/04 15:07] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: 🌍 അമ്മ പിണങ്ങി...
ഇത് നല്ലതിനല്ലാ...
നമ്മൾ ചെയ്തു കൂട്ടുന്ന തെറ്റുകൾ തിരുത്താനാവാത്ത വിധം അമ്മയെ വൃണപ്പെടുത്തിയിരിക്കുന്നു...
Earth quake in India.. 150 dead.
[25/04 15:15] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: Massive tremors were felt on Saturday morning in Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata and other parts of northern India. The epicentre of earthquake is reported to be in Nepal. Stay with us for live updates.
[25/04 15:24] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Tremors felt in Delhi, UP, Bihar and Bengal.
Historical monument Dhahara destructed.
More than 150 death in Kathmandu Nepal and death toll rising. Expected to be more than 1000.
12 death in India.
[25/04 16:13] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: Good afternoon all . This is Sreelekshmi from Sharjah.

News updates available about Nepal earthquake.

The massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal today morning causing tremors in India as well.
Reuters Report says more than 449 dies in Nepal

PM speaks with Nepal PM and assures him of all assistance to deal with the situation.

Helpline no of Indian embassy in Kathmandu is 09779851107021

Aftershocks are still continuing in Kathmandu.
[25/04 16:55] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: A Powerful 7.9-magnitude earthquake shook Kathmandu, leaving hundreds dead, collapsing buildings, leveling centuries-old temples and destroying roads in the worst shake in Nepal for more than 80 years.

There are said to have been many fatalities amid the chaos in the Nepalese capital. One report on CNN put the casualties in Katmandu at more than 150
[25/04 16:57] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: Among The Landmarks Leveled Was The Dharahara Tower, a UNESCO-Recognized Historical Monument Built in The 1800s
[25/04 16:59] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS:  The Quake Was Felt as Far Away as Lahore, Pakistan, and Lhasa, Tibet
[25/04 17:01] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: Several buildings collapsed in the center of the capital, the ancient Old Kathmandu, including centuries-old temples and towers, said resident Prachanda Sual.

Among them was the Dharahara Tower, one of Kathmandu’s landmarks built by Nepal’s royal rulers in the 1800s and a UNESCO-recognized historical monument. It was reduced to rubble

At least 50 people were said to be trapped under the ancient tower.
[25/04 17:03] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: The US Geological Survey said the first quake hit at 11:56am local time. It initially reported a magnitude 7.7 before revising the calculation to 7.5 and later upgraded to 7.9.

The USGS initially reported the epicenter to be 11km deep but later revised it to 2km.

A huge earthquake devastated Kathmandu in 1934, and Nepal was hit by a deadly quake in 2011, when at least five people died.
[25/04 17:26] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: All New members welcome
[25/04 17:27] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: 🙏
[25/04 17:28] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Thank u Jaishanker sir for the update.
[25/04 22:04] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: PM MODI: NEPAL'S PAIN IS INDIA'S PAIN
[25/04 22:04] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Indian Airforce sends rescue team to Nepal
[25/04 22:20] AUH. 10. gopika. stage. fear: ❤LuV STORY OF DOCTOR:❤

I was in 12th
She was in 12th
I love her - she love me    

I got MBBS
She got BBA                              
 I was doing MBBS
She got MBA

I was preparing 4 MD entrance
She got married💔

I m doing MD
She's d mother of 2 children

I got PH.D
Her daughter is in 1st stndrd,

Hr daughtr passd 10th,

I hav joined job.
Hr Daughtr joined College.

The Greatest irony-
Today is my   ENGAGEMENT
& Her daughtr is my WIFE
Agle Janam Sala Commerce hi Lunga....!

FORWRD  2 all
 "C0MMERCE" studnts N Make them realise " C0MMERCE IS BETER THAN SCIENCE." 😝😝😝👌👌👌👌👌👌🔜🔜
[25/04 22:20] AUH. 10. gopika. stage. fear: But I took science
Thug life
[26/04 09:04] AuH. chinta. 10. kollam: Good morning Sir & all my friends
[26/04 09:24] AuH. santhosh. reshmy. JN: Good morning
[26/04 09:25] AuH. santhosh. reshmy. JN: VERY GOOD NEWS 😊

Please make it a Point of FORWARDING this IMPORTANT NEWS after READING like I am Doing RIGHT NOW.

My Dear Friends,

Medicine for BLOOD CANCER  has been FOUND !!


I am forwarding it to the MAXIMUM I can.

Let it reach the CRORES of  INDIANS.


Its available FREE OF COST at "YASHODHA Hematology Cancer Institute in Pune.

Create Awareness.

It might help someone.

Forward to as many as u can.

Yashoda Hematology clinic. 109,  Mangalmurti complex, Hirabag Chowk,
Tilak Road,

020-24484214 or 09590908080 or 09545027772 or visit for appointment.
[26/04 10:23] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 🙏🌅
[26/04 10:41] Hp anusha. durga: Chachu addressing 7th and 8th class students and parents at Sreepuram school Kannur
[26/04 11:06] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: Good anusha☺
[26/04 11:10] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: 👏👏👏
[26/04 11:47] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Dharahara tower

- located in Kathmandu
- also known as Bhimsen tower
- built in 1832 by
- recognized by the UNESCO
- 9 storeyed building
- the 8th floor of this tower has a balcony which provides a panoramic view of the Kathmandu valley
-it was constructed for military purpose. This was the signal for soldiers to assemble.
- it's architecture has a European and mughal style
- the tower was a tourist icon in Nepal
[26/04 11:55] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Very sad that it's destroyed in the quake. Praying for the victims families too.. 😔
[26/04 16:15] AUH. aneesh. vaidyan. kollam: Abu dhabi church
[26/04 16:15] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: 😀👍
[26/04 16:18] Thank you  Aneeshji
[26/04 16:19] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: 👏👏👏
[26/04 16:25] AUH 150417. MaheshKumar: 👍👍👍
[26/04 16:39] Kannur
[26/04 16:42] AUH. aneesh. vaidyan. kollam: Thankx sir
[26/04 17:02] AuH. sgoc. 11. Benison: 👍👍👍
[26/04 17:39] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: Sir.      🙏                                               💐💐💐Extending sincere gratefulness for delivering a wonderful patriotic speech at your magnanimity and  yourown expense. It  has enlightened many who were part of the VCC vishu sadhya 2015. The ambience and ripples your speech has created is still reverberating in many hearts. Queries are flowing from every nook and corner. Will be shortly uploading videos to make it available for our family members.  👏👏👏
[27/04 07:56] AuH. chinta. 10. kollam: Good morning Sir & all my friends
[27/04 07:57] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 🙏🌅
[27/04 09:18] AuH. santhosh. reshmy. JN: Good morning
[27/04 10:12] JN. f. AUH. jayakrishnan. varma: Good morning 🙏
[27/04 10:34] Jn. AUH. Bindu. Innu: Very very goodmorning 🌺
[27/04 10:45] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: Gud morning all
[27/04 10:56] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Wishing a very happy day to Sir & all friends.. 💐💐💐💐💐💐
[27/04 14:28] Art of Learning  Kannur Sreepuram School
[27/04 14:36] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Heart breaking scenes from Nepal..
[27/04 14:37] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Nice pic guru ji..👏👏
[27/04 14:37] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Pray for Nepal
[27/04 15:07] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: 😊👍
[27/04 15:08] JN. F. madhav. yadav. AUH. shypa. umesh. kannur: Sir, sorry for the post but couldnt stop from posting this. Just got this from my cousin's son..its in a small village near chakarakal in kannur.
[27/04 15:09] JN. F. madhav. yadav. AUH. shypa. umesh. kannur: Dont know whats the motivation behind it.. but see the active partcipation of small children
[27/04 15:11] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Nice👏👏
[27/04 15:38] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Children have their own way of doing big things.. 😀👍
Really appreciate them..
[27/04 18:26] JN. Cmp. AUH. OC. Kochumol. george. nurse. 4kids. susan. sara: Good afternoon Maam.if I want to take part in this contest how Can I prepare for this
[27/04 18:27] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: U can go to the website and search for the
[27/04 18:27] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: Materials
[27/04 18:27] JN. Cmp. AUH. OC. Kochumol. george. nurse. 4kids. susan. sara: Is it conducted in India
[27/04 18:28] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: SIF will deliver  the CD in school for those who register
[27/04 18:29] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: No schoolwise in UAE
[27/04 18:30] JN. Cmp. AUH. OC. Kochumol. george. nurse. 4kids. susan. sara: Ok I live in abudhabi studying in bright riders school. So if I register then how is it
[27/04 18:32] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: In ur school they will deliver u the CD and they will coordinate exam
[27/04 18:32] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: Pls pass the msg to ur friends too.  Then everyone can register
[27/04 18:33] JN. Cmp. AUH. OC. Kochumol. george. nurse. 4kids. susan. sara: Ok ma'am
[27/04 18:34] JN. Cmp. AUH. OC. Kochumol. george. nurse. 4kids. susan. sara: Would you please tell me the website .is it the sme given on the notice
[27/04 18:34] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: Yes
[27/04 18:35] JN. Cmp. AUH. OC. Kochumol. george. nurse. 4kids. susan. sara: Thank you
[27/04 18:35] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: 🙏
[27/04 18:35] JN. Cmp. AUH. OC. Kochumol. george. nurse. 4kids. susan. sara: And also under what age group will I com
[27/04 18:36] JN. Cmp. AUH. OC. Kochumol. george. nurse. 4kids. susan. sara: That is sub junior ,junior and seniors
[27/04 18:36] JN. Cmp. AUH. OC. Kochumol. george. nurse. 4kids. susan. sara: I am 13year old
[27/04 18:40] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: Wen u enter ur grade the category is shown automatically
[27/04 18:42] JN. Cmp. AUH. OC. Kochumol. george. nurse. 4kids. susan. sara: No i am asking for the study material
[27/04 19:40] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: Sub junior
[27/04 23:02] AuH. chinta. 10. kollam: 👍👍👍
[28/04 07:58] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 🙏🌅

Regards & Prayers
[28/04 13:46] ‪+971 50 712 6176‬: Thank you Rashmi
[28/04 15:57] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: മിടുമിടുക്കി.... 👏👏👏👏
[29/04 08:00] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 🙏🌅
[29/04 10:20] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: Gud morning all dear ones😊
[29/04 10:39] JN. f. AUH. jayakrishnan. varma: Sir could you please let us know on the activities for kids  for the camp during july aug.
[29/04 13:10] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: 😃👍 woow...
[29/04 14:24] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: 😃👍
Hats off to sirji...
[29/04 15:19] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: 👏👏👏
[29/04 19:55] ‪+971 55 813 4969‬: could you please upload a clear image of 'Career Path Finder'?
[30/04 08:02] AuH. chinta. 10. kollam: Good morning Sir & all my friends
[30/04 09:40] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Imagine your good feelings as rainwater, and keep yourself overflowing by filling yourself with good feelings every day.
Good morning have a wonderful n shining day ahead with a😀😀
[30/04 10:16] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: Sir happy to see u all enjoying
Nice pictures
Gud to see u anusha with guruji
A warm good morning to all
[30/04 10:21] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: Whatever u think, that u will be
If u think yourself weak , weak u will be.
If u think yourself strong , strong u will be☺
By swami vivekananda
[30/04 10:51] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: 😃👍
[30/04 11:01] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: 👍👏dhanya mam
[30/04 12:14] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: ☺resh
[30/04 12:32] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: 😊😊
[30/04 21:46] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Children enjoying the session with Sir.
[01/05 00:24] JN. Cmp. AUH. OC. Kochumol. george. nurse. 4kids. susan. sara: To guruji 💐💐💐💐
[01/05 09:04] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: 😃👍
[01/05 09:24] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 🙏🌅
[02/05 11:54] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Wow great.., 👏👏👏
[02/05 11:57] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: 👍👍👍👍
[02/05 12:07] AuH. knr. sudhir. co. ramani. maya: 👏👏👏👍
[02/05 12:16] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: 😀👍💐💐💐💐
[02/05 17:54] JN. Cmp. AUH. OC. Kochumol. george. nurse. 4kids. susan. sara: What is this cd for in the contest .to neeth
[02/05 23:26] JN-AUH. murali. session. april: Congrats Sir
[03/05 11:11] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: 😊👍
[03/05 12:09] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 🙏
[03/05 13:37] ‪+971 55 292 0847‬: Million words not enough for this photograph in Nepal. Two and a half year old sister protected by four year old brother in Nepal. Perhaps one of the most divine picture of the century!
[03/05 13:38] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: So sad..
We should help..
[03/05 18:07] AuH. prathap. co. varma: Pls add 0505912191 rajith ravi
[03/05 21:10] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: Feeling so sad to see this picture
[03/05 23:13] Hp anusha. durga: Students of Art of Learning camp dedicated this poem to Chachu...
[04/05 09:12] Hp anusha. durga: Art of Learning Camp @ Pallikathod:

Every camp with Chachu opens doors to new thoughts, new hopes and to unleash the latent potential in me and this camp too did the same. The students who were shy and silent in the begining of the camp were transformed into most active learners by the end of the camp, which I could see by the way almost everyone of them utilising the opportunity of coming and speaking up volunterely on the dais about their experience. There were many new games introduced and every game had a unique lesson to teach. Initially tbough all of us were unknown to eachother, through this camp, by end, we all became very close to eachother. I am sure this camp would be a life changing experiene for each one of us. Some might say that they have already seen some of the activities previously in other sessions of Chachu, but if one closely observes, even these activities will have a different perspective every time. I have learnt a lot through this Art of Learning camp. I have enjoyed this learning voyage thoroughly with Chachu and looking forward for the next camp eagerly (which is starting from May 26th 😜😜)
[04/05 10:28] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Namasthae Guruji And friends..
[04/05 10:28] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: A very gud morning reshmi and all dear ones
[04/05 13:13] Hp anusha. durga: Kuttippuram 12th class start off
[04/05 13:13] Hp anusha. durga: Talk at ideal
[04/05 13:35] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Thanku anusha for the information... 👍👍
[04/05 13:58] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: 👌👌very nice
[04/05 14:00] ‪+971 55 813 4969‬: thank you anusha good information
[04/05 17:19] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: Thank u anusha gud one.

Sir Happy to hear ur speach again KSC informative speach
[04/05 17:20] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 👍
[04/05 17:40] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Sir the registration forms for the Jul Aug Camp to which email id it needs to be sent.
[04/05 17:42] Dubai leena. jayasankar:
[04/05 17:43] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Thank u Jaishankerji
[04/05 18:05]
[04/05 18:06] DrTPS  on / at

May 9 :: Kannur University UGC-ASC Human Rights & Civil Laws course

May 16-18 :: Kuttippuram IDEAL School CAMP

May 23-24 ::  Pallikkathod AM
May 26-29 :: Kannur-Naduvil - JNAANAM Camp

[04/05 18:12] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Thank you Sir. Will inform interested parents accordingly.
[04/05 21:58] I do get 100s of these type messages and I am answering all of them...
They have the best heart to love me too.
[04/05 22:04] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: An innocent heart.. Full of inspiration to achieve in life..
May God bless him..
[05/05 08:45] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 🙏🌅
[05/05 10:45] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: Thank I sir
[05/05 10:48] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Fact conveyed as a beautiful story.. 😃👍
Thanks a lot a Sir. 🙏
[05/05 11:07] JN-AUH. murali. session. april: ☔️⚡️☔️From 1-6-2015 , Pradhan mantri jivan vima yojna will be launched. Any one with a bank account and aadhar card can fill the form with copy of aadharcard and authorising Bank to direct debit Rs 12 plus service tax annually to get a life insurance of rs 2 lack. Your submission of form and bank's acknowledgement is policy document. I requset All of you to look around and inspire each citizen to get this insurance cover. Forms collection at All banks have started . So act Fast and secure yourself and your known people.☔️
[05/05 11:09] JN-AUH. murali. session. april: Good morning to Sir and friends.
[05/05 11:58] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Thanks Mr. Murali.
Hope NRE account holders can also apply..
[05/05 12:02] Dubai leena. jayasankar: Just check pancard is enough.  As no aadhar for me till now. Will see if can be applied on line from dubai
[05/05 12:04] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: 😄👍
[05/05 12:12] Dubai leena. jayasankar: Different verdicts from indian supreme court, is not sure about adhar cards authenticity as different verdicts from different times.
[05/05 12:13] Dubai leena. jayasankar: Please get a clear view from reliable sources to proceed further from members
[05/05 14:21] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: 👏👏👏
[05/05 14:31] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: AB de Villiers

- Abraham Benjamin de Villiers
- South african cricketer
- Captain of South African ODI team
- he received a prestigious medal from Nelson Mandela for a science project
- he has excelled in many sports like golf, rugby, badminton, cricket and tennis
- On 4 April 2008 he became the first South African to score a double century against India
- in this season of IPL he plays for the Royal Challengers Bangalore
- de Villiers scored 162 runs of 66 balls in a match against the West Indies in Pool B of 2015 Cricket World Cup. This led the South African team to their second highest total runs In world cup history
- He is ranked number 1 in the ICC batsmen rating in ODI cricket.
- He holds the record for the most sixes in Cricket World Cup
[05/05 14:32] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Steve Smith

- He is an Australian cricketer born in Sydney
- As of January 2015, Smith is ranked as the 4th best Test batsman in the world
- right handed batsman
- currently, in IPL,  he plays for the Rajasthan Royals team
[05/05 14:33] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Virat Kohli

- born on 5th November 1988 in New Delhi
- a right handed Indian cricketer
- captain of Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL
- Kohli first played for Delhi Under-15 team
- Kohli made his first-class debut for Delhi against Tamil Nadu in 2006
- he was the captain of 2008 ICC under 19 cricket world cup (india.won the match)
-  he is an aggressive batsman with many technical skills
-  He is strong through the mid-wicket and cover region.
- he is a sharp fielder too
- he has similar kind of batting style like Sachin Tendulkar
- he was the winner of 2013 Arjuna Award
[05/05 14:38] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: MS Dhoni

- Mahendra Singh Dhoni
- born in Bihar (33 yrs old)
- nicknames-- Captain cool, Mahi, MSD
- Indian cricketer and currently the captain of Indian National cricket team
- right handed batsman and wicket keeper
- he has also excelled in football and badminton
- he concentrated in cricket after completing his 10th grade
- he was a TTE in Kharagpur Railway station
- married to Sakshi Singh
- Dhoni made his Ranji Trophy debut forBihar in the 1999–2000 season
- Dhoni was named the captain of Indian squad for the inaugural ICC World Twenty20 held in South Africa in September 2007
- Under Dhoni's captaincy, India won the2011 World Cup.
- he is the captain of Chennai Super Kings in IPL
- He broke Adam Gilchrist's record of 172 for the highest score made by a wicket keeper.
- Dhoni holds the record for most catches by an Indian player in an innings.
- winner of Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna
- he is the co owner of a football club  Chennaiyin FC      
-  a biopic on MSD,  M. S. Dhoni: The Untold Story, is set to be released in 2015
[05/05 14:40] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Ajinkya Rahane

- Indian international cricketer
- right handed batsman
-  In IPL,  he currently plays for the Rajasthan Royals
- born in Maharashtra
- his nickname is "Jinks"
- he is a karate black belt
-  He made his Ranji Trophy debut for his first-class side Mumbai
-  he is  one of the rising stars of Indian cricket
[05/05 14:40] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Kumar Sangakkara

- born in Srilanka
- nicknames-- Sanga
- Srilankan cricketer and former captain of Srilankan national cricket team
- left handed batsman and wicket keeper
- He won the ICC Cricketer of the Year in 2012, Test Cricketer of the Year in 2012, and ODI Cricketer of the Year multiple times in 2011 and 2013
- he was very good in badminton and tennis
- he is the first player to score 150+ scores in four consecutive Test matches.
[05/05 14:42] Dubai leena. jayasankar: What is there for this cricketers update.
[05/05 18:46] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
[05/05 18:59] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: 👍👍
[05/05 21:09] AuH. prathap. co. varma: Hi bindu Please add 0505842427 nidhi pratheesh
[05/05 21:55] JN-AUH. murali. session. april: This is for all
[05/05 23:18] JN. f. AUH. jayakrishnan. varma:
[05/05 23:20] JN. f. AUH. jayakrishnan. varma: All about Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yogna & Pradhan mantri Jeevan Jyoti Bima Yojana...available in the above link
[06/05 07:27] Jn. f. AuH. prakash. mayyil. 9. navyasree. 4. laxmi: Thank you  Sir.
[06/05 07:49] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 🙏🌅
[06/05 11:47] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Motilal Nehru

- lawyer by profession
- an important leader on the INC
- he served as the president of Congress for two Times
- founder of Nehru-Gandhi family (India's most powerful political family)
- born in New Delhi
-He  qualified as "Bar at law" from University of Cambridge
- Because of Gandhi ji's influence,  he was one among tge first persons to transform his lifestyle from western to a more native indian lifestyle
- died on 6th February 1931
[06/05 13:44] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma:
[06/05 14:02] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Watch "Oru chembaneer pooviruthu njaanomane.......(STHITHI,2003)" on YouTube -
[06/05 14:43] AuH. knr. sudhir. co. ramani. maya: 👍🎁👏👏🎉🎊
[06/05 15:07] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Great message Guruji ...
Happy Birthday Bindhu Madhu.. 💐🎁🎉🎈🎊🎈🎉🎁
[06/05 15:27] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Hello Sir, My name is Jerin.I am an Engg working in Saudi Arabia. I had the great opportunity of hearing your interview in Asianet Radio today
Thank you so much for the wonderful thoughts you hav shared. I was really inspired and there was an urge in me to do something worthwhile hearing you
May I plz call u Guruji
[06/05 18:32] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Very happy to hear the good changes that you bring among kids sir.All the best for the upcoming JNAANAM camp.prayers and regards.
[06/05 18:33] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: My wife attended your class yesterday

Iam vinodkumar

Father of Jyothika and Nithika

Working at Qatar petroleum as a firefighter

My wife is very much impressed

I will join with you on 30th

Please pass the information about the camps at kannur

Let my children attend the camp

Greetngs Sir. After attending your class at Doha i became a fan of you and watching all the available videos in you tube. It is very educative.we are blessed by you Sir. Thank you
[06/05 18:55] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: 👏👏👏👏👏
[06/05 23:23] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: Dear friends reshma is flying on a holiday to Hongkong today night.
[06/05 23:24] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: Happy journey reshmakutty✈
[06/05 23:49] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Bon Voyage dear 😀👍
[07/05 00:39] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: 😊😊
[07/05 01:06] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: Happy nd safe journey dear resh
[07/05 01:16] AuH. shilpa. 12. electronics. Mba: Happy journey 😊
[07/05 09:31] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Enjoy your trip Reshma.,  safe journey.
[07/05 12:07] Hp anusha. durga: Accident makes life and takes life
Purpose of life is purposeless
Purposeless life makes some purpose for others
Finding purpose of life is purposeless
None can find purpose of accidents
Accidents are purposeless
Life itself is purposeless

I tried my definition of life
when I got free after retired
Found life is purposeless
But had a passion
Passion that was unknown
Made my life unseen and lost

Today I have life of passion
Accident after retirement
Accident with a passion
So is life of purpose ends
Is this the end or begining
Start of retire sparked passion

[07/05 21:27] Hp anusha. durga: LIFE is HALF LIVED

Life is half lived to learn
that I lived is not the life

Many a days I felt alone
the fear I had in troubles
now I learned to like myself
I am brave for the day.

feared failure I left those
bright options at hand
I am happy with self
that is too short then

I left no critic with options
perfection is life I learned
rejection of habits to be clean
that is the way to live long

now I learn live long is no fun
live along is the way of joy
have faith in self to burn
not to smoke burning in

’no pain no gain’  said the saying
‘truth will prevail’ caught me hard

I see the ugliness in truth
lost the beauty in fear
left in pain to gain more
see the end yet to begin

call it destiny that made
a fear to change or challenge
ignorance of my trueness
gave me grave pain within

love is untrue said my brain
learned it late through heart
making my darkness fade
sunny day blossomed late

learned serious for perfection
fearing failure of ridicule
lost my face the laughing charm
grown old at young itself
future gazed at me to smile
gained wisdom this day
that made be to smile in self
I hurt me not any long
I see no dark only the star
glaze in the sky just for me

sunlight as truth was after a dark
change is beautiful for me too
Butterfly had the larva stage
Metamorphosis makes it to fly
fly live too short said the brain
struggled heart sees no beauty

‘change is one with no change’
saying goes to say cheer no long
this bright day will close to set
I will soon be in the old doom

Life is half lived to learn
that I don’t know how to live

Dr T P Sasikumar
New Delhi
[07/05 22:19] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: Mars and Earth were much more similar around 3.8 to 3.5 billion years ago according to the National Aeronautic and Space Administration (Nasa). The earth had no oxygen when it was first formed but was made entirely of carbon dioxide and nitrogen.
Scientific findings point to photosynthetic bacteria that developed on earth and produced enough oxygen to support life. This search for these potential microbes in Mars continues until now.
[07/05 22:19] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: he UAE’s Mars mission in 2021, announced in July last year, will bring the first Arab country to the arena of space exploration traditionally dominated by the US, Russia, and other countries over the past 50 years.
[08/05 10:16] Hp anusha. durga: Parents and canteen staff respected by students during camp@drtps
[08/05 10:22] Hp anusha. durga: 🙏🙏🙏
[08/05 10:22] Hp anusha. durga: U r great Chachu
[08/05 10:23] Hp anusha. durga: U have the power to bring a positive change in people..
[08/05 10:40] ‪+971 50 712 6176‬: Well said Anusha.
[08/05 15:07] AUH. 10. gopika. stage. fear: Regards & Prayers
     Greetings from Irinjalakuda
     DrTPS  on / at

May 9 :: Kannur University UGC-ASC Human Rights & Civil Laws Refreshwr Course

May 15-17 :: Kuttippuram IDEAL School CAMP

May 23-24 ::  Kottayam - Pallikkathod AvM

May 26-29 :: Kannur-Naduvil - JNAANAM Students' Inspire Camp

JULY-AUGUST :::  NRI-GCC Students -- 7 days - JNAANAM CAMP
..........    (if interested register before may 10)  ........
[09/05 10:40] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Good morning all..  anusha thank u for the videos and message on life is half lived by sir.  very good thought provoking message.. 👍👍
[09/05 11:31] Jn. AUH. Bindu. Innu: A father left 17 Camels as an Asset for his Three Sons.

When the Father passed away, his sons opened up the will.

The Will of the Father stated that the Eldest son should get Half of 17 Camels,

The Middle Son should be given 1/3rd of 17 Camels,

Youngest Son should be given 1/9th of the 17 Camels,

As it is not possible to divide 17 into half or 17 by 3 or 17 by 9, the sons started to fight with each other.

So, they decided to go to a wise man.

The wise man listened patiently about the Will and gave them solution.

The solution is very interesting. Think for a while about the possible solution and look at the solution given by the wise man

The wise man, after giving this thought, brought one camel of his own & added the same to 17. That increased the total to 18 camels.

Now, he started reading the deceased father’s will.

Half of 18 = 9.
So he gave 9 camels
to the eldest son.

1/3rd of 18 = 6.
So he gave 6 camels
to the middle son.

1/9th of 18 = 2.
So he gave 2 camels
to the youngest son.

Now add this up:
9 + 6 + 2 = 17 &
This leaves 1 camel,
which the wise man took back.

MORAL: The attitude of negotiation & problem solving is to find the 18th camel i.e. the common ground. Once a person is able to find the common ground, the issue is resolved. It is difficult at times.

However, to reach a solution, the first step is to believe that there is a solution. If we think that there is no solution, we won’t be able to reach any!

If you liked this story,  please share with all. You might spark a thought, inspire & possibly change a life forever!
[09/05 13:04] AuH Rajith. Ravi: Very good. Great story! Thanks!
[09/05 13:33] Greetings
from JNAANAM-Naduvil-Kannur
[09/05 14:35] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: 😍😍😍😍
[09/05 14:52] AUH. 10. gopika. stage. fear: Woow
[09/05 19:39] AUH. aneesh. vaidyan. kollam: Congratulation to all of us.Our national anthem "Jana Gana Mana... "is declared as the "BEST ANTHEM OF THE WORLD"by UNESCO. Just few minutes ago.

Kindly share this.
Very proud to be an INDIAN.
💦 Meaning of our National Anthem 💦💦
🇮🇳 Please try to understand the meaning and pronounce it clearly.

Word by word meaning..

💦Jana            = People
💦Gana            = Group
💦Mana           = Mind
💦Adhinayaka= Leader
💦Jaya He      = Victory
💦Bharata       = India
💦Bhagya       = Destiny
💦Vidhata      = Disposer
💦Punjaba     = Punjab
💦Sindhu       = Indus
💦Gujarata    = Gujarat
💦Maratha    = Marati 💦Maharashtra
💦Dravida      = South
💦Utkala        = Orissa
💦Banga        = Bengal
💦Vindhya     =Vindhyas
💦Himachal   =Himalay
💦Yamuna     = Yamuna
💦Ganga        = Ganges
💦Uchchhala = Moving
💦Jaladhi      = Ocean
💦Taranga    = Waves
💦Tava          = Your
💦Shubh    =Auspicious
💦Naame = name
💦Jage     = Awaken
💦Tava     = Your
💦Shubha      = 💦Auspicious
💦Aashisha = Blessings
💦Maage     = Ask
💦Gaahe      = Sing
💦Tava        = Your
💦Jaya        = Victory
💦Gatha      = Song
💦Jana       = People
💦Gana      = Group
💦Mangala = Fortune
💦Dayaka   = Giver
💦Jay He    = Victory Be
💦Bharata  = India
💦Bhagya  = Destiny
💦Vidhata = Dispenser
💦Jay He, Jay He, Jay 💦He, Jay Jay Jay Jay 💦He = Victory, Victory, Victory, Victory Forever...


JAI JAI Bharat🙏
[09/05 20:47] AUH. 10. gopika. stage. fear: Congratulations👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
[09/05 21:03] Dubai leena. jayasankar: Dear please don't circulate that anyone more. Being an Indian we are proud. But this is a old item which is in circulation since past 9 yearsn
[09/05 21:04] Dubai leena. jayasankar: Then how announcement just a few minutes ago read the first line
[10/05 18:28] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: 🎉🎉💐Happy 👸 day💐🎉🎉
[10/05 18:28] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS:  "Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn, Hundreds of bees in the purple clover, Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn, But only one mother the wide world over."
[10/05 21:21] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Congratulations Sir.
[10/05 23:33] Aspire High and Reach Top
Create an IMAGE of you
Destination IAS & Mission CSAT

Local students.... before new acaddmic year ....

 4 Days Residential Camp at JNAANAM, Naduvil
26 to 29 May.
Reporting time 9.30 am,  26 May. contact Mr. Subodh thru sms/ whatsap 9746402365. Limited seats only,  admission first come first serve basis.
Age group 12 to 20 years.
[10/05 23:34] Hope u will send this to those interested and see the interested is in with jnaanam camp group for further instructions.
[11/05 09:33] Hp anusha. durga: Forward to people, who you want to see in the jnaanam camp group, for further instructions email to:

Aspire High and Reach Top
Create an IMAGE of you
Destination IAS & Mission CSAT

For local KERALA students, before new academic year, 4 Days Residential Camp at JNAANAM, Naduvil.

From 26 to 29 May.
Reporting time 9.30 am,  26 May.

Contact Mr. Subodh thru sms/ whatsap 9746402365.
Limited seats only,  admission first come first serve basis.
Age group 12 to 20 years.
[11/05 17:24] Hp anusha. durga: MY JOURNEY TRIGGERED YOU
Back to my haven home
Driving along valley, cut through mountain shores

Butting through my memories
Through a calm culture stands the village Naduvil

My students after Jnaanam@Naduvil visit say -
There is a beauty that is present in every nuke and corner,
there is this pleasantness in the air there,
The love is rekindled everywhere there,
Super the serenity of the place, warmth of the home

"The thoughts will automatically flow -
Think of your childhood days spent there,
think of how it became your aim to renovate,
think of the days which you spent with your friends and students there"
Anusha demands a poem on Jnaanam

All love Jnaanam
village stands with us;
smith to the priest knows
mighty one lived there.

No large and sinewy hands;
No muscles on brawny arms
Word of wisdom moves across
I see the whole world in the face,
I can hear the bellows blow;
tough and strict me on wards
They see the flaming forge,
learning sparks in shaping life

It makes his heart rejoice
It sounds to him like
his father's unheard voice,
Singing from Paradise!
think of the serving mom
tearful eyes out toiling-sorrowing

little attempt,
something done,
wanted to earn a repose
my worthy students gives no rest

I taught in flaming forge of life
Create fortunes; strive wrought;
My sounding lessons bounced back
My burning thoughts knocking
The dead silence away from home
champed the Jnaanam@Naduvil

Landing  back with grey hair
standing perplexed and still
I had my phantom nights
in the lone house I slept
listening to the soundless
Glow-worm-fly across dark stairs

lonely strange and still dark
answered cropping echoing
smote your dream - never stop
Made my gloomy cloud away

Now Jnaanam made its sprouting
Fled into life of joy and learning
Creative innovative image building
Master's choice - chosen dreams!

To build an image in life they come
cutting mountain shores from far off
across lands to the village - Naduvil
Students to haven home - Jnaanam
[11/05 17:27] Hp anusha. durga: 150511 at irinjalakuda
[11/05 17:45] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 💐
[11/05 18:19] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: I
[11/05 22:36] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: 👏👏👏
[12/05 13:53] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: 😃👍 👏👏👏👏👏👏
[12/05 13:55] AuH. shilpa. 12. electronics. Mba: Another earthquake...let's pray for the people who need the courage to be in the affected areas
[12/05 13:56] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: OMG..
[12/05 13:57] Hp anusha. durga: Yeah in Indonesia, Afghanistan and Nepal
[12/05 13:58] AuH. shilpa. 12. electronics. Mba: Indonesia also? :O
[12/05 14:01] Hp anusha. durga: One Earthquake in Indonesia 5.0, one in Afghanistan 4.7 and a big one in Nepal 7.1 in Kathmandu
[12/05 14:02] Hp anusha. durga: According to Times Now
[12/05 16:16] Hp anusha. durga: You can't

sitting at jnaanam porch me alone
blowing through my hair the wind
Glow-worm fly around with fire
failed my picnic as none care

Life goes around goa and else
what I do really is to wait always
I dream about the day in joy
That we'll  meet at jnaanam

To go and teach around
To fun with kids around
To view the mist around
Turn got you a summer

Now summer is almost done
Winter spring fall had gone
you said year after we will meet
no idea neither never you know
so tough out here without you
i allow not out it to let you know

I am with kids around to pretend
all is fine and merry cheer them
food too is good but not your sort
i wish would could picnic around

150512 at Irinjalakuda
[12/05 16:19] AuH. knr. sudhir. co. ramani. maya: 👍
[12/05 16:19] AuH. knr. sudhir. co. ramani. maya: Malaysia palm tree
[12/05 19:47] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: 👍 Anusha dear
[12/05 19:58] Hp anusha. durga: It is written by Chachu mam
[12/05 20:06] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: Wow....sir ur always great ☺
[12/05 20:07] Hp anusha. durga: Yeah, he is a great poet.. 🙏🙏
[12/05 20:17] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: 🙏
[12/05 23:45] Options B C F are confirmed and a few left without confirming as they need to reopt / info not available.
[12/05 23:45] A whatsapp group of the people registered for camp is made. If any one is not made in .. may send a request for it.
[12/05 23:47] The purpose of this group was
1. Meet when i am around in your place
2. Create students groups to cultivate learning - sharing - caring attitude
3. Join me at JNAANAM for the camp

Hope you will check how far you are into this.

Volunteer action solicited to take this forward and add enough people to spread these.

As first step a few trials on 1 and 2 aim is done at your locations

Action 3 with 3 scheduled 7 days residential camps at JNAANAM is finalized.

List and details follows.
If any by mistake is left out feel free to contact
[13/05 07:52] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 🙏🌅
[13/05 09:26] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Good morning all..  sir will inform others who are interested...  there are a few more students to register from Abu Dhabi..  will tell them to register asap.
[13/05 09:26] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Namasthae 🙏
[13/05 09:26] ‪+971 55 292 0847‬: Good morning
[13/05 13:55] Hp anusha. durga: DrTPS  on / at

May 11-14 :: irinjalakuda

May 15-17 :: Kuttippuram IDEAL School CAMP

May 18 :: Kasargod Periya Navidaya - Librarians' Trainjng Session

May 19 :: Palakkad
May 20 :: Irinjalakuda
May 21 :: Mallappally

May 22-24 ::  Kottayam - Pallikkathod AvM

May 26-29 :: Kannur-Naduvil - JNAANAM Students' INSPIRE Camp

June 13 - Saturday :: Alapy - CBSE Teachers Induction Training

JULY-AUGUST :::  NRI-GCC Students -- 7 days - JNAANAM CAMP
..........    (if interested register before may 10)  ........
[13/05 20:23]
[13/05 21:23] Hp anusha. durga: Happy 25th Anniversary Chachu.. 💐💐
[13/05 21:23] Hp anusha. durga: Dear Dad & Mom

On this special day, dear Dad and Mom,
Of your journey together, you had started long.
From peers to partners you had become...
Twenty five years today!, of your love lifelong!

On this special day, dear Dad and Mom,
You teach us something, like you have taught us all along..
A lesson of love, trust and support gone up plum-b;
Twenty five years today!, yet vibrant and strong!

On this special day, dear Dad and Mom,
We know your blessings for us shall prolong!
For; Wherever we are, or in whatever form..
Before your endless love, forever we are young.

And on this special day, dear Dad and Mom!
We would like to tell you both, though words seem modicum;
That we are proud of you!, We are proud of what we have become. :)
For if not for you, nothing good to us, would have come.

Here's wishing you both a happy anniver-sari ;
From all loved ones, and of course; me and hari !!

-- By Yadukrishnan, Chachu's son..
[13/05 22:14] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: Wowww👏👏👏
[13/05 22:34] JNM. AUH. SREEKUMAR. kochi. sreelakshmi. 9: Congrats Sir and Madam. Happy Anniversary. We wish you all the best at the silver jubilee and wish that you will celebrate Golden jubilee n much more. May God's speed be with you always so that a lot of kids will have the opportunity to enjoy guidance, motivation and aspirations from u Sir -  Sreekumar, jyothi n shreelakshmi AUH
[13/05 22:43] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: 💐💐💐Happy silver anniversary to your blessed timeless wedding sir💐💐💐
[13/05 22:43] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: Your saga of love extends to eternity💐
[13/05 23:22] AuH. knr. sudhir. co. ramani. maya: Happy Silver anniversary Dear respected Sir & Madam,  god bless both of you with good health for completing your dream mission and visions in the coming years ahead 💝🎂🎁🎉🎉🎊💐
[14/05 00:13] JN-AUH. murali. session. april: Sir and family
No special words but my heart full prayers and wishes on the occasion of Silver Jubilee.
[14/05 07:28] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Sarwa mangalam bhavanthu...
Nooru nooru vivaha dinashamsakal...
Priya Guruji and pathni..
[14/05 08:31] Greetings
     Thank you for the wishes
Regards & Prayers
[14/05 09:46] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Watch "150424 Ajman VISHU" on YouTube - 150424 Ajman VISHU:
[14/05 10:28] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: MARK ZUCKERBERG

- born on 14th may 1984 in US
- computer programmer and co founder of Facebook
- he is the world's 2nd youngest self-made billionaire    
- he was a dropped out from the Harvard University
- together with his roommates, he launched Facebook from the dormitory of their campus  on February 4, 2004
-   there is a movie based on Zuckerburg and the founding years of Facebook, the movie is THE SOCIAL NETWORK
[14/05 10:53] Hp anusha. durga: 'Namo'sthe China --- Narendra Modi is on a three-day visit to China with an aim to deepen bilateral ties and create a milestone for the relations between developing countries in Asia and around the world.
[14/05 11:05] Hp anusha. durga: He visited Daxingshan Temple in Xi'an which is one of tr oldest Buddhist temples in China. He also visited Terracotta Musuem.

The Terracotta Army or the "Terracotta Warriors and Horses" is a collection of terracotta sculptures depicting the armies of Qin Shi Huang, the first Emperor of China. It is a form of funerary art buried with the emperor in 210–209 BCE and whose purpose was to protect the emperor in his afterlife. This was discovered in 1974 and declared as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987
[14/05 11:05] Hp anusha. durga: Testimony written by Modi...
[14/05 11:55] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: 👍👍
[14/05 16:51] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Sir belated happy wedding anniversary wishes...May God shower you both with good health and prosperity.
[14/05 17:56] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: MY EXTRAVAGANT VACATION TRIP ( Hong Kong - Macau - Shenzhin )😀😀

               I immensely liked my this year's 6-day holiday trip to Hong Kong - Macau - Shenzhin. We selected Hong Kong as an experiment but now it has become a great experience.
                Simply,  Hong Kong is a Chinese City with an American culture. It's a very clean and wonderful place,which makes it a tourist destination and makes different from other Chinese cities. Most of the places in Hong Kong is mountainous but these mountains have given Hong Kong a special beauty. The big rocks in the mountains here are carved so beautifully that it attracts many. The flowers and trees found in Kerala/India are found here in Hong Kong. The climate here is moderate with a great supply of rain.For me, Hong Kong is nothing without Disney land. Undoubtedly, it's a dream destination of many children. Though it's the smallest among the other disneys, it's awesome.
               Coming to Shenzhen, Shenzhen is a city in mainland China. It's not that clean like Hong Kong. Language is a great barrier here. Most of the people don't know English. It's a shopping paradise. In main land China, Social networks like Facebook won't work. Chinese people won't disclose their identity. They have their own version of Facebook, Google ,etc. No places of tourist interest are there in Shenzhen like that of Hong Kong.
                The last destination was Macau. It's simply beautiful. The total land in Macau is only, but the place is very developed. The main source of economy here are Casinos and Tourism. As there are many casinos here, Macau is commonly called the "Casino Capital".
                Though three of the places in China, their currencies do differ. In Hong Kong the currency is Hong Kong dollar, in Shenzhen it's RMB and in Macau it's Pataka.
[14/05 18:21] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Reshma welcome back after enjoying your holidays
[14/05 18:22] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Thank u Reshmy mam😊🙏
[14/05 19:32] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Watch "150420 DxB ANR" on YouTube - 150420 DxB ANR:
[14/05 23:43] Hp anusha. durga: You too added a thread in me

Experience comes with age
experienced my age of fifty
It is my life from naduvil to now
feel like me forgetting my age

not a word but its a relation
man made or GOD’s creation
no hesitation to say reason
Being concious of self alone

Welcomed with less of anger,
Nothing matters to chat to any
Share sorrows and hardships
Friendship is stronger in fight

Life is a mixture of body, feeling
Intellect, social relation and Soul
Where waved criss and crossed
Fifty years as fabric so strong

you too had a thread that put in
Matched well not to show it out
Unmatched one projected out
At times that is the wave decorated

My egos and burst of anger
Turned out sorrow and cry
Fell into the jerry of fabric
Wet it or burned to color

[15/05 09:20] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 🙏🌅
[15/05 09:47] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Namasthae Guruji & Friends..
[15/05 09:47] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Nice poetry..
[15/05 10:39] Hp anusha. durga: IDEAL school camp, Kuttipuram
[15/05 10:39] Hp anusha. durga: It is a 3-day workshop
[15/05 10:46] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: 👍👏👏👏
[15/05 10:48] AuH. sunil. w. smitha. ijkd. son. 10: 👏
[15/05 12:00] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: LONDON: A team of Indian students, spread across four countries in three continents, have jointly created the world's first airplane that generates its own power by the vibration of its wings.

The path breaking idea has made it to the finals of a global competition floated by Airbus.

The team which includes students presently studying in Bangalore, Netherlands, US and London envisages a future when the aircraft wings can be dressed in a composite skin that harvests energy from natural vibrations or flex in the wings.

[15/05 12:02] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: Dubai: One inch. That’s how much Mount Everest, the world’s highest mountain, has shrunk by following the massive earthquake that hit Nepal on April 25. Satellite data from the European Space Agency showed that the mountain subsided, making it about an inch shorter than it was before. The lowering occurred due to a relief of strain in the Earth’s crust.
[15/05 12:02] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: The devastating quake of April 25, which displaced millions, has led to major topographical changes.
Researchers spotted the changes, including the rise of Nepal’s capital city of Kathmandu by approximately 3ft. The shift was detected by comparing before-and-after radar images using a technique that produces an image called an interferogram. “The altitude of the Kathmandu Valley increased by 80cm as the Indian tectonic plate moved further to the Tibetan plate during the quake,
[15/05 12:02] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS:

World Travel
Krizo: The world’s most disaster-prone island
 MAY 08, 2015 11:16PM

The beautiful Melanesian nation of Krizo. Source: Supplied

KRIZO is a mountainous island nation situated exactly halfway between Australia and New Zealand.

Backpackers flock there every March to sample its pygmy pineapples, famous for their sweetness and beautiful reddish-gold flowers.

But this Pacific island is the most disaster-prone country in the world, torn apart by cyclones, tsunamis, mudslides, mining disasters, volcanoes, earthquakes and pandemics.
[15/05 12:20] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Very nice pics...many more students r going to be blessed👏👏
[15/05 12:21] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: Good gathering👍
[15/05 12:30] JNM-AJMAN-neetha. anil. BO. HUS: The first fully warm-blooded fish has been discovered in the frigid ocean depths off the California coast, researchers say.

The opah fish generates heat throughout its entire body by the constant flapping of its wing-like pectoral fins, according to a report in the journal Science.

The deepwater predator maintains an average muscle temperature of about 7-9F (4-5C) above the surrounding water temperature.

[15/05 12:30] Hp anusha. durga: Good info.. Thank u mam😊
[15/05 12:31] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: thanks for the info ..Neetha mam
[15/05 15:53] Hp anusha. durga: Report of todays session by a student
[16/05 12:08] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: NATWAR SINGH

- Indian politician, bureaucrat and Former union minister
- born in present day Rajasthan on 16th May 1931
-he was  selected in IFS
- served as ifs officer for 31 years
- he was an Indian delegate to the 30th session of the UN General Assembly
- received Padma Bhushan
- after resigning from the IFS, he joined the congress
- he was found guilty in Oil for Food scandal
- was the union minister for external affairs in Manmohan Singh government
-  autobiography--- One life is not enough
[16/05 12:48] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 🙏
[16/05 13:02] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: 👍👍
[16/05 21:20] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: 👏👏👏
[17/05 12:59] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Indian Premier League (IPL)

- annual Indian twenty 20 cricket tournament
- founded by BCCI in 2008
- currently there are 8 teams
- Chennai Super Kings are the most successful team
- current champions are Kolkata Knight Riders (2014 season winners)
- first season of IPL was in 2008
- winner of the first IPL was Rajasthan Royals
- second season of IPL was hosted in south Africa as general elections were conducted in India
- the winning team of IPL gets a prize money of Rs. 14 crore
- from 2008 till 2012, India's biggest property developer DLF group was the main sponsor of IPL and from 2013 PepsiCo took  over the main sponsorship
[17/05 17:18] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: 👍
[17/05 17:18] AUH. aneesh. vaidyan. kollam: 👍👍👍👍
[17/05 20:54] Hp anusha. durga: ---Movie Review---
Bombay Velvet -- An other disastrous movie from Anurag Kashyap. This movie is based on the book, 'Bombay Fables' written by Historian, Gyan Prakash. The movie once again proves our age old adage 'Too many cooks spoil the broth', as this movie is an outcome of four writers, two editors and one director. Coming to the story, this movie is about the selfish desires of people to become big-shots by getting involved in all the bloodshed. This story has unnecessary twists and turns and is highly illogical. While coming to performances, everyone knows Anushka and Ranbir's acting capabilities as Anushka recently proved her powerhouse acting skills in NH10 and Ranbir has the gift of slipping into roles with sparkling spontaneity. Neither of these talents are on display in Bombay Velvet. Both of them fail to convince us their roles in this movie. Karen's performance is another disaster added to all these drawbacks. There's more spontaneous charm in Raveena Tandon's little cameo than in Anushka's entire role. One of the few actors who stands out is Mishra, who did a splendid work with great intensity as Chimman. Overall, this movie is a highly disappointing and frustrating one, which neither had softness of Velvet nor the charm like city of Bombay. The only best part was sets showcasing Bombay of 1960s.

My rating : 2 out of 5
[17/05 22:14] AUH. aneesh. vaidyan. kollam: അമ്മ അടുക്കളയിൽ നിന്ന് ജോലിത്തിരക്കിനിടയിൽ ഉറക്കെ വിളിച്ചു പറയുന്നത് കേട്ടാണ് ഞാൻ ഉണർന്നത്..

"എന്തൊരു ഉറക്കമാണ് മോനെ ഇത്, നേരം എത്രയായി എന്നറിയുമോ? ഇന്ന് ഓഫീസിൽ ഒന്നും പോകുന്നില്ലേ നീയ്?"

അത് കേട്ട ഞാൻ ചാടി എഴുന്നേല്ക്കാൻ ശ്രമിച്ചു പക്ഷെ എന്‍റെ കൈകാലുകൾ ഒന്നും അനങ്ങുന്നില്ലാ.. ഞാൻ വീണ്ടും വീണ്ടും ശ്രമിച്ചു നോക്കി,, പക്ഷെ പറ്റുന്നില്ലാ.. ഞാൻ ഉറക്കെ ഉറക്കെ വിളിച്ചു...... !!! എന്‍റെ അമ്മ അതൊന്നും കേള്‍ക്കുന്നില്ലാ.. എന്‍റെ കൈകാലുകൾ ഒന്നും അനങ്ങുന്നില്ല എന്ന് ഞാൻ ആർത്തു വിളിച്ചു കരഞ്ഞു.. അമ്മ കേള്‍ക്കുന്നില്ലാ..

ഞാൻ കുറച്ചു നേരം നിലവിളിച്ചുകൊണ്ട് അവിടെ തന്നെ അതുപോലെ കിടന്നു.. ആരും കേള്‍ക്കുന്നില്ലാ.. കുറച്ചു കഴിഞ്ഞപ്പോൾ എന്‍റെ പുന്നാര അമ്മ എന്‍റെ അടുത്തേക്ക് തിടുക്കത്തിൽ വന്നു, എന്നിട്ട് എന്നെ വിളിച്ചു.. ഞാൻ അനങ്ങുന്നത് കാണാഞ്ഞപ്പോൾ അമ്മ എന്നെ തട്ടിവിളിച്ചു, എന്നിട്ടും ഞാൻ അമ്മയോട് പറയുന്നത് ഒന്നും അമ്മ കാണുന്നെ ഇല്ലാ.. പിന്നീട് അമ്മ വാവിട്ടു നിലവിളിച്ചുകൊണ്ട് എന്നെ ഉരുട്ടിവിളിക്കാൻ തുടങ്ങി..

ആ ഉച്ചത്തിലുള്ള നിലവിളി കേട്ട് എന്‍റെ അയൽവാസികൾ എല്ലാവരും ഓടിവരുന്നത് എനിക്ക് കാണാമായിരുന്നു... അവരോടായി അമ്മ വാവിട്ടു നിലവിളിച്ചുകൊണ്ട് പറയുകയാണ്‌ "ഉറക്കത്തിൽ നിന്നും വിളിക്കുമ്പോൾ എന്‍റെ മോൻ അനങ്ങുന്നില്ല" എന്ന്.... ഞാൻ ഉറക്കെ പറയാൻ ശ്രമിച്ചു,, "എനിക്ക് ഒന്നും സംഭവിച്ചിട്ടില്ല,,,, എന്‍റെ കയ്കാലുകൾ മാത്രം അനക്കാൻ പറ്റുന്നില്ല" എന്ന്.. പക്ഷെ എന്റെ സംസാരം അവരാരും കേള്‍ക്കുന്നു പോലുമില്ലാ.. എല്ലാവരും എന്നെ ദയനീയമായി നോക്കുന്നുണ്ട്… അവര്കിടയിൽ കിടന്നു എന്‍റെ അനിയനും അനിയത്തിയും ഒക്കെ വാവിട്ടു നിലവിളിക്കുന്നുണ്ട്‌ അത് പോലും അമ്മ കേള്‍ക്കുന്നില്ലാ..
അമ്മ വാവിട്ടു കരഞ്ഞു കൊണ്ടേ ഇരിക്കുന്നു..

കുറച്ചു സമയം കഴിഞ്ഞപ്പോൾ എന്‍റെ വീട്ടിലേക്ക് ആളുകള് വന്നു നിറഞ്ഞു.. അവരിൽ ചിലര് അടുത്തുള്ളവരോട് ചോദികുന്നത് ഞാൻ കേട്ടു,

"എപ്പോഴാണ് മരിച്ചത്" എന്ന്!!!!!!!!..

എന്നെ ആരോ വെളുത്ത തുണി കൊണ്ട് മൂടിയിരിക്കുന്നു.. ഞാനവരോട് ഉറക്കെ വിളിച്ചു പറഞ്ഞു “ഞാൻ മരിച്ചിട്ടില്ല എന്ന്” എന്നാൽ അത് ആരും ശ്രദ്ധിക്കുന്നു പോലും ഇല്ല...

എന്‍റെ കൂട്ടുകാര്,കുടുംബക്കാർ എല്ലാവരും ഓരോരുത്തരായും കൂട്ടമായും എന്‍റെ വീട്ടിലേക്കു വരാൻ തുടങ്ങി.. എന്‍റെ ഒരു അടുത്ത ബന്ധു ഉണ്ട്.. അവര്ക്ക് നടക്കാൻ പോലും പറ്റില്ലാ, അവരും വന്നു.. അവര്ക് അസുഖമായി കിടപ്പിലായിരുന്നു, അവിടം വരെ ഒന്ന് പോയിട്ട് വരാൻ എന്നോട്  അമ്മ എന്നും പറയുമായിരുന്നു, ഞാൻ അങ്ങോട്ട്‌ ഒന്ന് പോകണം എന്ന് എല്ലാ ദിവസവും വിചാരിച്ചതുമാണ്. പക്ഷെ എന്തൊക്കെയോ തിരക്കുകൾ കാരണം പോകാൻ സാധിച്ചതുമില്ലായിരുന്നു ഇപ്പോൾ ഇതാ അവർ എന്നെ കാണാൻ വായ്‌യാത്ത ശരീരവും വെച്ച് ഇങ്ങോട്ട് വന്നിരിക്കുന്നു.

അതിനിടയിലാണ് ഞാൻ മറ്റൊരു കാര്യം ശ്രദ്ധിച്ചത്..എന്‍റെ വീടിന്‍റെ തൊട്ടടുത്തുള്ള ഒരു കച്ചവടക്കാരൻ.. അദ്ദേഹം ഞാൻ ഓഫീസിൽ പോകുമ്പോഴും, വരുമ്പോഴും എന്നെ നോക്കുന്നത് കണ്ടിട്ടും ഞാൻ കാണാത്തത് പോലെ നടിച്ചിരുന്നു, ഒരുവട്ടം പോലും മിണ്ടാൻ ഞാൻ പോയിട്ടില്ല.. അദ്ദേഹവും എന്നെ കാണാൻ വന്നു. അതുപോലെ എന്‍റെ ഒരു അയൽവാസി, അയാൾക്ക്‌ കഴിഞ്ഞയാഴ്ച വാഹവാപകടത്തിൽ പെട്ട് പരിക്ക് പറ്റിയിരുന്നു എന്ന് അമ്മ പറയുന്നത് കേട്ടിരുന്നു… അങ്ങോട്ട്‌ ഒന്ന് പോകാൻ എനിക്ക് സമയം ഇല്ലായിരുന്നു…അയാളും ഇന്ന് ഓഫീസിൽ പോലും പോകാതെ എന്‍റെ വീട്ടില് എന്‍റെ തൊട്ടരികിൽ നില്കുകയാണ്..

ഓരോരുത്തരെ ആയി ഞാൻ നോക്കുന്നതിനിടയിലാണ് ഞാനത് കണ്ടത്,, മുറിയുടെ ഒരു മൂലയിൽ ഒറ്റക്ക് നിന്ന് കൊണ്ട് എന്‍റെ പഴയൊരു ഉറ്റമിത്രം വിതുമ്പുന്നു. എന്‍റെ ആത്മ സുഹൃത്തായിരുന്ന അവനോട് ഞാൻ പിണങ്ങിയിട്ടു ഇപ്പോൾ വര്ഷം 3 കഴിഞ്ഞു. അതിനു ശേഷം എത്ര തവണ അവൻ എന്നോട് മിണ്ടാൻ ശ്രമിച്ചു, ഞാൻ മാറി നടന്നതായിരുന്നു.. അവനും എന്നെ നോക്കി കരയുകയാണ്. എനിക്ക് അവനോടു ഒന്ന് സംസാരിക്കണം എന്ന് തോന്നി.. ഞാൻ അവനെയുറക്കെ വിളിച്ചു. പക്ഷെ അവനും കേള്‍ക്കുന്നില്ലാ..

പെട്ടെന്ന് എന്‍റെ തലക്ക് മുകളിലെ ഫാനിന്‍റെ കറക്കം നിന്നു. മുറി ആകെ ഇരുട്ടായി. ആരോപറയുന്നത് കേട്ടു.. കറണ്ട് പോയതാണ്,, ആരോ എമർജൻസി തെളിയിച്ചതും എന്‍റെ അമ്മ എന്നെ ഉറക്കെ വിളിച്ചതും ഒരുമിച്ചായിരുന്നു.....! "യെന്തൊരു കിടപ്പാണ് ഇത്.. ഇന്ന് ഓഫീസിലൊന്നും പോണില്ലേ.....?" ഞാൻ ചാടി എണീറ്റു.. അതെ.. ഞാനാകെ വിയർത്തു കുളിച്ചിരിക്കുന്നു.. ഞാൻ സ്വപ്നത്തിൽ നിന്നും ഉണരുകയായിരുന്നു..അതെ..എല്ലാം...! എന്‍റെ വെപ്രാളം കണ്ടു അമ്മ ചോദ്യം ആവര്ത്തിച്ചു .. ഞാൻ പറഞ്ഞു..ഇല്ല..ഇന്ന് ഓഫീസിൽ പോകുന്നില്ല.. നമുക്ക് അമ്മ പറഞ്ഞവരെയും, കുടുംബക്കാരെയും എല്ലാം ഇന്ന് തന്നെ കാണാൻ പോകണം… വരുന്ന വഴിക്ക് എന്‍റെ സുഹുര്തിന്‍റെ വീട്ടിലും പോകണം.

ഓര്‍ക്കുക..മരണം വിളിപ്പാടകലെ .ഏത് നിമിഷവും ഇത് പോലെ ഒരു അനുഭവം നമ്മിൽ ഓരോരുത്തര്ക്കും വന്നു ഭവിക്കാം. എല്ലാം നാളത്തേക്ക് മാറ്റിവെക്കാതെ ഇപ്പോൾ തന്നെ ഒരു തീരുമാനം എടുക്കുക, സല്കര്മ്മങ്ങൾ ചെയ്യുക, കുടുംബ ബന്ധം ചേര്ക്കുക, എല്ലാവരോടും സ്നേഹത്തോടെ പെരുമാറുക, എന്നാൽ ഏതു നിമിഷമായാലും സന്തോഷവും സമാധാനവും നിറഞ്ഞ മനസ്സോടെ തന്നെ നമുക്ക് ഒരു നാൾ ഈ ലോകത്തോട്‌ വിട പറയാം....

മനുഷ്യ നന്മ ആഗ്രഹിക്കുന്ന സുഹൃത്തുക്കള്‍ ദയവായി ഇതു ഷെയർ ചെയ്യുക....
Must Read it....!
[18/05 20:50] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Have watched him many times..
Still have the same enthusiasm in watching him.. Hearing him.. A hundred times more..
Truly inspiring ... Touching .. Thought provoking ...
[18/05 21:05] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Very touching video..  👍👍
[18/05 22:12] AUH. aneesh. vaidyan. kollam: 👍👍👍
[18/05 23:17] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: Really a ..True Hero..
.Hats off to him👍
[19/05 00:29] Hp anusha. durga: Kasargod Periya Navodaya -- Librarians Training prog..
[19/05 11:24] AuH. knr. sudhir. co. ramani. maya: 👍💐🙏
[19/05 11:57] AuH. chinta. 10. kollam: 👏👏
[19/05 14:12] AUH 9. swathy: Dear
Kaliveedu members
ശക്തി തിയറ്റേഴ്സ് അബുദാബിബാലസംഘം ത്തിന്റ്റ്നേതൃത്വത്തില് 23.ശനിയാഴ്ച വൈകീട്ട് 5 pmTo 7pm Kaliveedu  camp സംഘടിപ്പിക്കുന്നു .kscയില്‍ നടക്കുന്ന Kaliveedu camp ലേക്ക്എല്ലാകുട്ടികളെയും  സ്വാഗതം ചെയ്യുന്നു.
Kaliveedu team
[19/05 14:12] AUH 9. swathy: DearKaliveedu  members
Shakthi Balasangam Conduct a
 camp on 23rdMay (saturday) from 5 to 7pm@KSC. Ensure  participation.....          Kaliveedu camp       will be a good opportunity  for the children to interact  on various subjects ,Game. Songs.activites, Science etc...
All the children are welcomed to the KaliveeduCamp at KSC at 5pmto7 PM  (23rdmay).
Kaliveedu Team...
[19/05 23:19] AuH Rajith. Ravi: 🙏👍
[19/05 23:22] AuH. tvm. roy. abraham. kids. 12. 7: No expression for me. Tmrw on duty I'll show
[19/05 23:23] AuH. tvm. roy. abraham. kids. 12. 7: Ignore
[20/05 09:31] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: A beautiful good morning to all🌻
[20/05 18:49] Last month these days we were together.. remembering ..
[20/05 18:53] Dubai leena. jayasankar: Dear abudhabi team,  hope all registration forms have been sent.
[20/05 19:57] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: 26 - 29 MAY camp is the official first plan in JNAANAM - Organised by INSPIRE
Already 30 registered
Will have a good Learning Group Around
Will report on 26th morning
May leave on 30th / 29th eve
[20/05 20:29] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Expansions of IAS by Drtps -
Immediate Academic Success
Inspire Aspire Success
Involved Active Student
Intellectual Advice of Sasikumar

Expansions Of LIFE by Drtps

Learn In Full Enjoyment
Live In Full Enjoyment
Learning is an Investment for Future Earning
Live In Full Energy
Learn with Interest for Fearless Exams
Lot of Interest and Faith in Everything
Live In Fully Eternal
Limitless Interest and Faith in Everything
[20/05 20:30] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 💐 glad with such great meanings
[20/05 21:51] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Yes we all have registered for the camp.
[20/05 21:52] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Reshma👍
[20/05 21:52] AuH. rekha. jn. 315: Bcbxbx
[20/05 21:53] 48 numbers in 3 batches

Batch  -  BOYS + GIRLS
B - 10 + 6
C - 13 + 4
F - 7 + 5
32 boys and 16 girls

Grade - numbers
12 - 2
11 - 2
10 - 10
9 - 14
8 - 3
7 -1
6 - 6
5 - 2
4 - 1
7 students yet to give grade details

We could have 20 in each batch.
Yes.. this is a good number at first activity dedicated for GCC.
[20/05 21:53] Any correction or any last minute entry .. .may whatsapp
[20/05 22:01] Hp anusha. durga: Great.. 👏👏👏
[20/05 22:03] AuH. knr. sudhir. co. ramani. maya: Best wishes👏👏👏💐
[20/05 22:22] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 0504853967  1
[20/05 22:28] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 0504853967 - Renuka /    " Wish  you  all  best"  🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
[20/05 22:29] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Great going👍
[21/05 00:42] Hp anusha. durga: Sleep and Relect LIFE

I prefer to sleep and dream - but
Had my many  nights in solitary room
Even in the best city hotel or Jnaanam
This lazy boy from childhood to now
Isolated even in the crowd at times
May be loneliness that in my heart

It is strange that a master like me
motivates and being in crowd
In celebrated functions in full halls
Mobbed and touched by heart
Around after each talk after talk
reflected itself when i am alone

Haunted lonely feeling reflected in me
Whom to share to trusted to have
Waited all alone for a company
After the mass of crowd left me alone
Some thoughts and calls recompense
Like Mahatma had his 'Gita the Mother'

I drove long way on dazy nights alone
Sleepy roads from or to the home
Reflected the sleepy mood in me
Passages glanced and kept me live
Drowsed at times and had de-roads
Life reflected me not to sleep on roads

In the safe room in deep sleep too
I woke up late reminding my youth
Those nights too, I was hungry hard
Had my mom taking me to kitchen
Served rice soup with salt and soar
Tasted best in my unbreshed mouth

Earthly touched bed in village home
Old reflected thoughts stayed in me
Airconditioned blanket in best hotel
Had the same weight on my feet
Face uncovered I stayed not asleep
Reflecting life and meaning of life

Sleepless nights of solitude in home
Watching the credits of crystals too
Record of trophies in display shelf
Camp records and pics on laptop
Reflected me the reminds of the day
In old and decline of fame and crowd

Laugh for world to laugh with you
Weep, and always you weep alone
Valley Songs reflected on hills around
Shy and cry bounded down in caves
cherish to show the smiles around
All around you measure your smiles

Halls of fame demand sleepless time
I reflect the poetic time in delhi alone
I slept for two days blessed in solitude
that better than sleep is too in action
Creative life is reflecting in deep sleep
My lonely time in meditation is cool

[21/05 10:11] AuH. tvm. roy. abraham. kids. 12. 7: ‘I still call my mother 2-3 times a day’

Indra Nooyi, Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo addresses the 50th annual convocation of Indian Institute of Management Calcutta on Saturday. Photo: Ashoke Chakrabarty

In a speech that was as uplifting as it was moving, Pepsico CEO Indra Nooyi sought to give some life lessons to the outgoing batch of the class of 2015 at the Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIM-C) saying that the course marks the end of their formal education and the beginning of their life’s learning.

Exhorting the graduates to ‘return’, she urged them to visit their parents regularly. “Don’t tell them you are busy.. I run a Fortune 50 company and I still call my mother two to three times a day” she said, adding that it was important to remember that today’s accomplishment was not theirs alone.

“The most important lessons in life come not [just] from the people in front of you; but from those sitting behind you,” Ms. Nooyi said. She urged the 435 graduating men and women to stand up and give their parents a round of applause. The sound of this and the silence that followed was deafening.

She surprised all by giving a speech which rested on acquiring human skills, and giving back to parents and society. “A successful career is not enough,” she said. “You must make a lasting impact.. you can leave the world a better, brighter place.”

Ms. Nooyi, an alumna of the 1974 batch of IIMC, was in a nostalgic mood, saying that today she had difficulty connecting the dots in her life.

Delivering the 50th convocation address at the B-school, Ms. Nooyi advised students to “learn, earn and return” simultaneously.

“The old model has changed. Now you need to learn, earn and return simultaneously. Never stop learning... stay humble.”

She said that while the students may have been taught many things there was much more to be learnt of things not to be found in any textbook. “I have stayed a CEO, because I was a life-long student,” Ms. Nooyi said.
[21/05 12:44] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Watch "150417 AuH Shakthi" on YouTube - 150417 AuH Shakthi:
[21/05 13:10] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 🙏
[21/05 15:26] ആചാര്യാത് പാദമാദത്തെ
പാദം ശിഷ്യസ്വമേധയാ
പാദം സ ബ്രഹ്മചാരിഭ്യ
പാദം കാലക്രമേണ ച
[21/05 15:41] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Guruji can u explain it please..
[21/05 16:00] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: The above sloga  clearly explains how to learn... 1--Aacharyath paadamadathe-- which means  "1/4th we learn from teachers (guru) 2--- Padam shishya swamedhaya --means "1/4 th we learn by ourselves (self study)" 3-- Padam sa brahmacharibhya --means "the other 1/4th we learn from discussions" 4--- Padam kalakramena ja --which means "time will teach u the last 1/4th..
[21/05 16:01] AuH. knr. sudhir. co. ramani. maya: 👍👍💐
[21/05 17:38] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Thanks Reshma😊👍
[21/05 18:37] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: യദ്യതാചരതിശ്രേഷ്ട
തത്ത ദേവേതരോ ജന
സയത് പ്രമാണം കുരുതേ
[21/05 19:00] Remembering my last month at AuH
[21/05 19:03] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 🙏
[21/05 22:08] Hp anusha. durga: If I was not Like this
Alone I thought
So long I traveled
Never knew where to
Do I know where to lead
Am I like this due to my karma
Is there like a dream that leads ?
I too wish to follow the quotes
Create dream, aspire to fly high

I am not dreamly
I would be on thoughts
If I was not here, what I would be
I couldn't what I dreamt as I was lazy

Truth that all said around me
Spirit of Love blowed on me
Streams that I flew in like
Scared me always

I dont dream of magical world
I love to see me on ground
Old boy from village
With short wings

Created my hall of fame
A few visits me, at times
Enough is the vastness
Soft and pure that let be
Any drop of inks or irks
Echoes beyond bounds
I am scared of dreams
As I may not be me then

[22/05 10:32] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: 🌹🌹A thought of simplicity:  "If you are talented in something, help others as much as you can..   because, whenever God gives, HE doesn't give it to you, HE gives it "through" you......Good Morning🌹🌹
[22/05 11:01] AuH. knr. sudhir. co. ramani. maya: 👍
[22/05 15:39] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Watch "asianet DR T P SASIKUMAR drtps GLOBAL WARMING" on YouTube - asianet DR T P SASIKUMAR drtps GLOBAL WARMING:
[22/05 17:05] TOTAL 51

place (batch B+C+F) #
Alain (B-2+C-2)
AuH (7+2+8) 17
DOHA (2+6+2) 10
DXB (3+3+3) 9
KSA (B-2+C-2) 4
[22/05 17:08] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Best wishes💐
[22/05 17:18] AuH. knr. sudhir. co. ramani. maya: 👏👏💐💐
[22/05 17:34] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 💐
[22/05 23:52] Hp anusha. durga: Passion after Pension

Regarded respect with no crossing
Sustained salary and decent level
Real bliss imparted position, I left
Wealth I missed, against a pension
Sustained by my massive travel
Reached the unreached corners
Covered the variety of topic lectures
Overstrained and called it passion

I own many nothing to own about
I taught inside and outside of all
Time passed fast and students grew
I was wrong, told whom I taught

I wish I restore my wealth of earning
Could create hearts dwels in learning
All in vain, only little I could supply
Foolish man dug in wrong grounds
Little depth in many places around
Foolish me, found no water evident
Vast I got the pride I loved growing
This passion gave no fruit counters
Realized deep dug only gives water
It was passion that counted fruitless

Aging too, had counts on action
Not that well passion sustain
Gracefully I surender to needs
While here on earth have deeds
Growing older started showing
Body reminded that I need rest
Teeth is strong but feel it is loose
Owing to my time and effort soon
Feel this passion game is enough
What next for one failed and lost
Tried education super market too
Virtual university was in making

I stay today without trips to doctors
Drawing pension enough to live
But the truth is that it is not enough
I say to me that I graced in teaching
My approach is my style and ways
Take it along the way another chance

My HERMITAGE in serene village
Hibiscus and Tulsi dwells around
Though alone most of the time
I cherish uncomfortable comforts
Anyone worked with me may say
Would better government crowned

Remote from remote sensing space
Old walls half paved smoky stone
Roof of wooden thick panels atop
Against the causy rooms in white
I stayed welcoming those who have
Passion to learn from this old prof.
I remained with virtual super market
Regarded respect with no crossing.
[23/05 14:08] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: IPL SEMIFINAL  CSK v/s RCB

Today's IPL semifinal was a bit disappointing one. It was a one side match, after ten overs itself,it was very clear that RCB will be beaten. In the RCB batting side, no players made  satisfactory runs. The only relief was Gayle,  as he only remained not out, at least for a short span of time. Virat Kohli is the captain for a name only, he also didn't  score well. In every matches of RCB, ABD always come with a helping hand for the team to win, but this time he was also trapped by the awesome fielding technic of CSK. These negatives in batting, made RCB to score only 140 runs. If ABD was in a form, the score could have been more than 200.

Coming to CSK, this match was not so difficult for CSK to win. As the fielding of RCB was not very good, many sixes and boundaries were made. When only 5 runs were to be scored by CSK to win, Starc scored a wicket which gave a hope to RCB.  But it was CSK who won and is qualified to play with Mumbai Indians in the finale.

The final match of this IPL will be quite difficult as both the teams ( Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians) are very strong.
[23/05 14:23] Hp anusha. durga: Those of u, who love to read Chachu's books and want to download could use the below link..
[23/05 14:31] Greetings
Kottayam - Pallikkathod - AVM

Reviewing the activities and learning history from this past a month; since my last UAE visit; I feel all forgot the aim of this group.
It is not just to wish a few to all others.
Nor sending forwards
Neither posting my poems and activities by someone - that is ignored by most of them
Create good learning groups.
Nuce discussions
Facilitate the concersation with me (here in whatsapp / when i come to your place / to make people to reach at jnaanam - naduvil)
[23/05 14:33] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Thank u anusha for the link
[23/05 14:33] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Downloaded and started reading it's interesting
[23/05 15:08] ‪+971 50 908 3047‬: Thank you Anusha
[23/05 22:09] AuH. sunil. w. smitha. ijkd. son. 10: 👏👏👏
[23/05 22:10] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Awesome pics..😊
[23/05 22:26] Hp anusha. durga: Here it goes, the countdown has started for the first official camp in JNAANAM, by Inspire starting from 26th May(Two more days to go), with the exciting bunch of young learners.. Feeling excited that I am gonna be part of it and witness it... Also, would be adding more concepts to my own knowledge base... So much to learn from Chachu, many questions to be asked.. Waiting for 26th..
[23/05 22:41] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: All the best Didi. ..enjoy😊
[23/05 23:22] Hp anusha. durga: #MyMovieReview : Poltergeist -- This is an other horror movie which is made on the same lines of its predecessors with the usual little kids talking to unseen entities, electronics going haywire, creepy-looking toys, paranormal investigators acting slightly wacky, and cheap but little effective jump scares. This movie has nothing new to offer the viewers. The story is pretty usual and easy to guess. A happy family moves into a new house which is located in a peaceful colony, but, from the day 1, they start experiencing all the weird things happening in the home. By the time they come to know that the home which they bought was built on a cemetery it becomes late and the poltergeist, that is the group of angry ghosts, try to utilise their 6 year old daughter in order to get themselves free. The family consults a Paranormal research team in order to get their daughter back and this research team in a very usual way fights with the ghosts and helps the family get their kid back. Also, there was nothing in this movie to watch it in 3D. Watch this movie only if you have a passion for watching the horror films, otherwise there are many movie options to consider this week with the release of Tomorrowland too in the same week.

My rating: 2.5 out of 5
[24/05 12:36] Hp anusha. durga: Education leads life

Enlightening life
Swift away riffle
Education the light
Key to bright future

A glue that joins
Friends of dreams alike
Education the divine
Path to blissful success

A smooth drive
To our greatness
Education gives
Difference in thinking

Drive out ignorance
Leads to prosperity
Giving sound future
Education is life

Life as a process
Teach and Learn
Help us to earn
Education is shaping

Character is motto
Behaviour is styling
Leading to success
Education is the road

Discover true self
Explore the truth
Potential quest
Education creates

Edcated one with
Strong words
Equals lakh of army
Liberates fear

To be a torch bearer
Gets along freedom
Inspired to high aspire
Education is open door

Brooks of books
Practical knowledge
Toes in fights and foes
Education is freedom

Country to Nation
Individual to Citizen
Think line is belonging
Education paves way

Education is a ladder
Takes us high to higher
Profession as passion
Education Is delighting
[24/05 12:39] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Awesome.! As always..
[24/05 13:30] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🌷🌷🌷
[24/05 16:28] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Nice pics ! Thanks for sharing...anusha didi😊
[24/05 16:32] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Nice...
[24/05 16:38] AuH. knr. sudhir. co. ramani. maya: Great👏👍
[25/05 14:56] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: DrTPS  on / at

May 15-17 :: Kuttippuram IDEAL School CAMP

May 18 :: Kasargod Periya Navidaya - Librarians' Trainjng Session

May 19 :: Palakkad
May 20 :: Irinjalakuda
May 21 :: Mallappally

May 22-24 ::  Kottayam - Pallikkathod AvM

May 26-29 :: Kannur-Naduvil - JNAANAM Students' INSPIRE Camp

May 30 :: Payyanur / Kanhangad - family function

June 1 - 12 :: Hyderabad

June 13 - Saturday :: Alapy - CBSE Teachers Induction Training

July 4 :: JNAANAM - MCK Kith & Kins - get together

JULY-AUGUST ::  NRI-GCC Students *7 days Shiksha JNAANAM Camp*
...... July 13-19 :: Batch A
...... July 20-26 :: Batch B
...... August 10-16 :: Batch C

[26/05 12:38] Hp anusha. durga: Camp @ Naduvil
[26/05 14:33] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Awesome pics ! Enjoy 😊😊
[26/05 14:39] JN. F. madhav. yadav. AUH. shypa. umesh. kannur: Lucky are the chilfren who got this chance
[26/05 14:39] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Exactly 😊😊
[26/05 15:19] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Great to see the kids enjoying the camp
[26/05 15:52] JNM-AUH-dhanya jayan. tlpb: 👍
[26/05 16:42] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: 😃👍
[26/05 16:50] AUH. renuka. son. love. aeronautics: 😀👍💐💐💐
[26/05 18:26] AuH Rajith. Ravi: Really happy for those who r attending & wish them all the best!
[26/05 19:20] AuH. knr. sudhir. co. ramani. maya: 👏👏👏👍💐💐💐
[26/05 19:45] Hp anusha. durga: Evening session at Jnaanam
[27/05 08:44] Hp anusha. durga: Started with Meditation in the morning
[27/05 09:47] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: I am Somson Jacob ,
father of Aishwarya & Surya.
Children called me yesterday night .
They are enjoying your camp @ JNAANAM very much.
Thank you sir .
[27/05 10:03] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 🙏great
[27/05 11:54] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 🙏
[27/05 20:43] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 🙏
[28/05 13:14] JN. Cmp. AUH. OC. Kochumol. george. nurse. 4kids. susan. sara: Susan kesia George
[28/05 13:14] JN. Cmp. AUH. OC. Kochumol. george. nurse. 4kids. susan. sara: Sara
[29/05 12:44] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Student enjoying the Class
[29/05 18:10] AUH. 10. gopika. stage. fear: 10th cbse best results
[29/05 21:21] AuH. tvm. roy. abraham. kids. 12. 7: The 26 letters of the English alphabet  are so intelligently arranged.... They show you the way of life...."A"lways "B" e "C" ool. "D" on't have "E" go with "F" riends n Family. "G" iveup "H" urting "I" ndividuals. "J" ust "K" eep "L" oving "M" ankind. "N" ever "O" mit "P" rayers. "Q" uietly "R" emember "G" od. "S" peak "T" ruth. "U" se "V" alid "W" ords. "X" press "Y" our "Z" eal. SHARE this Awesome message.
[29/05 21:25] AuH. tvm. roy. abraham. kids. 12. 7: Very good
[29/05 22:05] AuH. knr. sudhir. co. ramani. maya: Dreams to be focused Crystal clear  and by actions can be achieved,one sample dream chart regards
[30/05 09:46] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Sir, I am Vaishak.Sir as soon as reached home I hugged my mother and touched her feet for blessings.

She was really very happy and is now thankful to Sir.

 Today I wake up at 4:30am an started studying at 4:55
[31/05 00:19] JNR. AUH. rashmi. vijayalakshmi: Very nice to hear that children have changed after the camp.
[31/05 10:52] Hp anusha. durga: Destine in Dust-bin
I don't know when first I met you
You ever wanted to learn from me
Quest took me close to you
You chat or speak it sparks me
There's none better than you,
Now I miss those questions to me

Your native pride with definite steps
Shows your five fold development
Nothing left for me to do for you,
At times I feel that what I wanted
You to learn from couldn't get through
We shared dreams and forwarded
Eachother the dreams of leadership-
Passion and how mean is money

It is all joke that till what I thought
I thought on every meeting a reminder
Taking you on the rail of dream
It is destiny that leads the path
Fate or chance ends beautiful
I missed those moments of quest
And talks of me you recorded
Suddenly your world changed

I wish a chance or fate on second try
But you make it as lost on destiny
I had less of choice as I am tied
So I accept the destiny to write
I still dream, pray for the day ahead
That throw the destine in dust-bin
A new bright light of swift across
Decision and Power against Destiny
[31/05 19:58] Dubai leena. jayasankar: A nice explanation to what and how the recurring work pays
[31/05 20:23] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: Good planning 😊👍
[31/05 20:26] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Best planning😊
[01/06 09:18] Hp anusha. durga: LIFE is
Learn through
Inquiry with
Freedom and
[01/06 11:39] Dubai leena. jayasankar: 🙏🌅
[01/06 12:47] dias. Alapy. 8. reshma: Guru ji...u r always a helping hand for all.... great !
[01/06 13:15] JN. AuH. unniraj. kayamkulam: 😃👍
[01/06 17:00] AuH. knr. sudhir. co. ramani. maya: 👍🙏

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