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JN1752 :: Jnaanam Camp 2017 May 20-28

JN1752 :: 2017  May 20-28 :: Jnaanam Camp

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I am all excited for this wonderful learning experience... which gives me a chance to meet with people of past through Chachu's narrations about them during lessons on history.. to get inspired about our country and its heritage through his lessons on Indian Heritage, get equipped with confidence, focus, discipline and concentration with his lessons on Life Learning.. to learn what and how our India produces & where and why it exports to and imports from through the lessons in Geography and Economics, to get acquainted with latest who is who and what is happening around with lessons in Polity.. to learn and understand various slokas which teach us about the culture of our nation, to learn that everything around us is physics and chemistry through lessons from science, to get those tricks and tips of numbers to solve problems at finger tips through lessons in Mathematics.. and many more.. don't get amazed, yes all these will be part of the learnings which we get from Chachu through these camps... and I am thrilled as always to get set go on this learning journey with many other fellow students... 
Anusha, (Hyderabad-INFOSYS)
MIT-  - USA,
 JN1441 to JN1752 (15 camps)

U r very much useful for me 
U teach me a lot
And helped me to change myself a lot , from the first meet @ aravinda.I will definetly back to u soon ..
that's my wish
Will u pls inform me about other camps too..
Athira , Kottayam

You are always my inspiration Guruji. Earlier I used to be shy to raise and ask questions to any one in any classes. I used to be just infused in school and school connected activities. But now I dare to ask. I recognised the importance of asking questions just because you encouraged my question during the camp days.
Earlier when I find my classes boring I used to blame teachers but your technique of preparing for the class made all my classes more interesting and worthy.
You are always my best teacher sir. Now I help my friends who have difficulty in studying by introducing that preparation method to them.
And now I write movie reviews because of you.
Swetha Ramachandran
 JN1652, JN1752

Sir, tree gives so mantmy things like breeze, fruits, flowers, shade and most important of all, oxygen. Just like that you always give me care, guidance, lessons, teachings and above all inspiration to live L.I.F.E.
Anusha Thatta,

You have inviscibly taught me how to observe things closely and meticulously. Each situation tells me what I have imbibed from you.My perception has changed a lot. My sister told that I have become more humane. I am doing my best to have the best BODHAM in me . You are the best teacher ,Sir
You have made me ambitious which I was never before

Ashapoorna, MSc - STATISTICS
Kottayam, JN1741

Hello Sir,This is Rinta.I am so happy and lucky to have met you in my life.I finally have all the focus and determination that I need.Thank you so much for all the motivation, knowledge and confidence that you imparted to me.I have no words to express my love and thanks to you.You are for sure the greatest person that I have ever met in my life.Thank you
Rinta MSc Zoology,
Loyala College, Chennai

Again my footprints made impression on the metal stones at Jnaanam .If I was with full resistance to not attend the camp because of the disappointment of homesickness the very last time ,now it is the impression Velliyachan made in my heart and the memories of the last camp that took me again to that hilly village .Despite being in his old age ,like a candle which consumes itself to provide light ,my dearest Velliyachan is still in his utmost pleasure to be a torch bearer for hundreds and thousands across the globe.
If many including me had always taken initiative repeatedly to be at Jnaanam it is just because it is possible for us to find the best person to mend there. Changes and uniqueness in the conduct of the camp is what attracts. Experiences for me presented by this camp and the last one is extremely dissimilar.The hodgepodges 9 days at Jnaanam were as follows:
After a exhausting travel when I reached Jnaanam even if there was none other than my dear Velliyachan and Anusha didi to welcome me,the yards of Jnaanam was filled with young minds as time flew.The day marked the arrival of only few new friends.When we were eager to have all the next day,the time was still filled with introductions ,esopy presentation and all together fun.At midnight we was taken towards an extraordinary experience. We saw Theyyam,a ritual form of worship ,which weren’t an usual happening in all of our life.The act which longed since 2.30 was worth seeing .The vibrant colours and the aggressive play took away the feeling of being sleepy.
The next day followed with new comers .Interaction with society through an activity,the introduction of a new method to create and learn calenders,history were all that made the day remarkable.The third day presented a chilly morn with rain and fog. Enaction of drama in different groups inorder to get a spirit of organizing and to boost our confidence and topics related to spirituality were dicussed
on that day and was followed by the display of movie Neer Ja at eve.
When we were on the lap of dawn the following day poomukham welcomed us to learn to learn .Sreedev get the midday started with the beats of his mridangam. We were taught the mathematical way of dancing and the rain which came to refresh the grounds ,took away electricity but the darkness in the absence of lights were still filled with loud songs during anthakshari.Papettan made his introduction the continuing day and made announcement of our visit to Paithalmalai on 25th.How to read news paper,a game to improve vocabulary,Papettan’s experience made the the day thickly denser.
Day 5 started with happiness and titillation .Our journey to Paithalmalai ,a nearby hilltop ,covered with green grass ,where the blue colour spread across the sky made the nature paradisiacal and awakened our souls.Various noteworthy photographs of us were taken at this picturesque location by my dearest Velliyachan.Combined showers were the rejoicment at evening followed by the succeeding day’s games ,2050 planner and interactive sessions.
Following day Velliyachan took leave for his guru Ananthan master to occupy the space with.Experiments on each and every phenomenon and law in the world of science was demonstated which made our jaw’s drop.Not to be surprised of Dr TPS’s growth when he have got such talented people behind.After a day where Jnaanam was turned to enigmatic science work shop ,the place was reshaped with history classes at night.
My last day at Jnaanam arrived on 27th .Waving off my hands to all those who remain, I left Jnaanam with tears in my eyes and a hope in my heart to get to there again.Will never forget Anusha didi who walks as a tail of valliyachan ,with all zeal,compassion and love.Papettan ,Sreedharan uncle,that white nano car in which food comes ,Kartiyayini aunty,Velliyacan’s brothers and sisters are all difficult to forget.Enjoyed the evenings when Jnaanam was converted to an art center with dance, mridangam and music.The late night sleep and guilt of turning velliyachan angry are all among some of most learnt unfading memories.
But at the moment I was leaving ,I turned and noticed,that one door which is open to all,that one smile that welcomes all,that one mouth-from where the inspiring words to transform outset and that one hand which opens many hearts and touches our mind –all this belongs to him my dearest velliyachan-THE MAN WITH A FLAMBEAU - 
Gayathri, Nilamboor, Malappuram

Jnaanam.. the place where it aĺl changed..
The Jnaanam camp at Naduvil was at the end of our vaccation. I only had a half mind to go. But if I had not attended it, it would have been a real loss.Dr TPS , the man who showed us the light in the dark 
path was the one who changed my life. 
The first day of our camp was filled with interactive games,communication tasks, study techniques etc. Report writing, evaluvation tests, inspiring movies,dramas, mind games, and history classes were in the next days. Newspaper reading, puranas and slokas, vocabulary games were also there. The fifth day passed with the glorifying experiences at Paithalmala. The 2050,Keavan master's poetry classes , Anandan master's experiments and Dr.Tps's brothers and sister's visits were the memorable events. Chart making,combined bath, rain,music and dance,were the enjoyable moments and our little mistakes were the sad but also important ones.
When I look back, I feel that this was the one of the best 10 days of my life. I miss all my friends and the fun. I am waiting to experience it once more.
And also , I fall onto the feet of my Guru, for his knowledge that he shared,made me different.

-Sreedev, THRISSUR

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