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JN1741 :: 2017 April 16-23 :: Jnaanam Camp

My mom told me that my behaviour has significant changes.She told that I have become more composed emotionally. Earlier I was not like this. If someone scolds me, I used to cry or blurt out something. Now I am silent in such situations. Then I tol
d her that I was punished by you at least 3 times for lack of patience and composure 
Today I made πŸ” for my parents. They both consistently insisted me for having it. They again reminded me of its benefits and what I would do, post my wedding. But I dint have it .Earlier that would have easily made a discomfort between me and my parents. But now they have accepted new Ashapoorna. It's all because of you, Sir. I would have reached in a much better place if I had met you many years before. But I know that I can still reach high under your guidance. 
I am sure that I have imbibed a lot from you. But I don't know what are those qualities. I will certainly have more BODHAM when you see me next time .

"Thank you so much " is not enough to thank you well. You are a wonder ,a God sent angel to inspire and motivate many directionless young minds like me. The camp was so enriching and rewarding. It never had a dull moment. You have taught us with so much of warmth and love. You teach us with your whole heart, so we can't forget any of the points taught by you since all points have been etched on our hearts .Now I have another big family ,JNAANAM family .
You inspire us to move forward in our life with zeal and zest 
May the Lord bless you with the best of the bestπŸ™πŸ™

With lots of love 
Ashapoorna, Kottayam

The 8 days class at Jnaanam was a class of unlimited knowledge,like a dictionary of unlimited words,like a book with unlimited pages.We experienced that Jnaanam is a place to learn with full enjoyment and the best place for it.At Jnaanam,we don't follow a fixed time table for study,but we have a time table for life when we return home after the Jnaanam experience.This vacation turned out to be happier than others.It became more meaningful.The experience taught us good habits and how to behave ourselves.It was only 8 days.But felt as if there should have been more....We were provided with a big book of knowledge,but Dr.T.P.Sasikumar Sir taught us how to convert it into a pocket dictionary....to carry the precious bits of knowledge,wherever we go.

 I am Athira Kottayam.
From the camp what I got is a life mentor who helped me to lay a strong foundation stone for my dreams.
Who gave me more courage to dream more........

Achieve more........
I want to be always one of his good disciples.....πŸ™

I'm Karthika . 

When I look back to Jnaanam camp the first thing that come to my mind is the condition of mine when I went there.

First of all everyone came and I thought I was the last one.I sat where I got a place.But by the grace of God we did an activity which helped me to know some people.

Second thing that I wondered was,not only children but also elders are also there as members.

As days passed I became company with everyone and it was heartbreaking to leave them all.
And of course Sasi sirs method of teaching helped me to reach closer to him.For all the camp I attended it functioned with a schedule and this was entirely different.

I think that it is these factors that makes him different from other mentors . 

Of course Krupa aunties dance ,slokas of Sasi sir , songs of Zakeenitha and many more I enjoyed from the camp.I think those 8 days were the memorable one in my life which cannot be regained....


 I am Krishnendu. B. Nambiar.... The post was delayed as my whatsapp phone was away with my father....
JNAANAM-the spark for my change,the soul for my body,a smile for my face. A wide horizon for my future.
April 16th, the day I joined and be
came a part of JNAANAM family. The classes and principles of my mentor Dr.T.P.Sasikumar(my sasi uncle)laid the first foundation stone for my dream as an IAS officer.
People often gather moments...and only moments. Seven educational days passed through my life leaving the bits and inscribing my mentor's words in depth. I gathered knowledge and moments infact.
The last day of JNAANAM was wrapped with tears of love and bond affection. I listened what was told infact I learned what was heard. The core of my heard bow to my mentor ....my Sasi uncle..for the love...bond...affection..principles and moreover the huge teddy hug.
Best wishes to all. Meet you soon. Keep in touch.

Krishnendu. B. Nambiar, Kannur

I am Athul. 
This was the first camp I attended. I had not stayed away from my parents for not even a day before this camp. I read the article in Malayala Manorama and was eager to meet you. I thought I may be able to discuss my only interest of astronomy with you.. 
Then my fath

er contacted you and I got an opportunity to meet you at Irinjalkuda and join the camp later...
Now I Know that obeying my parents and studying all subjects with equal interest will be the only way to realise my dream...
I had a lot of fun and found a teacher who play and teach us many things.. 
There were many students in the camp. I got good advice from all elder members of the camp and all were like my family members.
I was very much involved in the camp and forgot to call my parents on many days....
I had great friends especially Pranoy Rosh who gifted me with a book about Space when he parted with me..
At the end of the camp I was the last one to go.. and I had already told my father that I want to return here...
Special thanks to all chechis and chettans who helped me..
I will always remember the moments of fun,learning and life lessons I got from the camp..
And a big salute to my mentor and master Dr.T.P Sasi Kumar...


JN1741, Shiksha JNAANAM Camp, 2017 April 16-23, Naduvil, Kannur, Residential Camp, www.drtps-shiksha.in, +919447437948

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